The Trials of Robin Hood

by Mark Westlund

by Mark Westlund

This weekend, gather up your crew of merry men (or women) and prepare yourself for a grand adventure. Starting Friday, the Toccoa Falls College Theatrical Society presents Will Averill’s The Trials of Robin Hood. This semester’s production is a comedic retelling of the classic Robin Hood story from three different perspectives. Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and the Sheriff of Nottingham must present their version of the events to King Richard. The audience will get to participate as the jury who will decide the verdict. There are three nights to come out and see this fun show, so plan to be there!

In addition, there is a chance to win free tickets. Look out for one of five golden arrows hiding around campus. Snap a picture of yourself with it, tagged #TFCTSRobinHood and #tfctheatricalsociety to claim one free ticket to the show.

The cast and crew of this semester’s production have been working together make sure everything is completed with excellence. Theatrical productions at TFC have a lot of different faucets that are all handled by students. This show’s directors, Bradley Weisbarth and Jennifer Doll, are both excited to see their visions come to life on the stage. Keegan Murphey has put together costumes for the show, Angela Warfel will lead a team as the make-up director, Rebekah Sovinsky will have her eyes backstage as stage director, and the gorgeous forest set is due to the efforts of Keven Jensen.

This production’s cast includes approximately twenty-five members ranging from first semester freshmen to last semester seniors. The cast has been rehearsing weekly and is earnest to show the school the product of their dedication. Freshman Callie Langston, who is playing Esmeralda and the Abbess is participating in her second TFCTS production, commented “I’m excited to grow in my acting ability and to bring glory to God through the Theatrical Society. I am apprenticing to be the Props Manager in the Theatrical Society, which is exciting for the future.” Freshman Amber Fincher, who is participating in her first TFCTS production, playing Daniel Boyle and Dani Boyle, says “I’ve enjoyed getting closer with the cast and fighting with the swords. I look forward to everyone seeing the sword fight scenes.”

Senior Rebecca Colson, who is likely performing in her last production, reflected on her time in The Trials of Robin Hood, as well as her past years in the Theatrical Society. “I’ve been involved in the Theatrical Society since freshman year,” she reminisced, having portrayed roles including Cordelia of King Lear and the March Hare of Alice in Wonderland. “I’m playing Dave the Honest Tinker and Alan Adele. I am cross dressing. It is my first time doing that,” she laughed. “It’s fun to get to know a lot of different people from different parts of campus that I would have never interacted with otherwise. It is nice to get to be a blessing in the lives of freshmen.” When asked what she was looking forward to for The Trials of Robin Hood, she responded “you need to come see it. It is witty, clever, and you are going to have lots of laughs.”

Tickets for The Trials of Robin Hood go on sale this week. Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for students, and $3 for children, but you can get a dollar off when you buy in the student center. Both cards and cash are accepted. The dates are Friday April 7 at 7PM, Saturday April 8 at 7PM, and Sunday April 9 at 3PM. All performances are in Grace Chapel Center of Performing Arts. The Theatrical Society can’t wait to see you there.

Toccoa Falls College presents The Jungle Book

This Thursday will be opening night of this semester’s Toccoa Falls College Theatrical Society’s production: The Jungle Book.  A large number of TFC students have dedicated their time, effort, and talents into making this semester’s production an even bigger success, and continuing the tradition of the Theatrical Society.

Bagheera: captured by Mark Westlund

Bagheera: captured by Mark Westlund

This semester’s play is an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s famous work by Monica Flory. The play retains all of the fun and liveliness from popular adaptations, with a few more ties back to the original work. For example, this adaptation will elaborate on the content and importance of jungle law, as outlined in the jungle book. As well, this adaptation will feature characters that appeared in the original work that audience members might not be as familiar with, such as, Tabaqui the Jackal. The Jungle Book will be family friendly, at times funny, at times dark and intense, and heartwarming all the same.

The Jungle Book will star Gavin Brain as Mowgli. Gavin is 11 and the oldest son of the Brains, a contributing family to TFC. This semester’s play will also star students, Cameron McIntyre as the bear Baloo, Keojah McBryde as the panther Bagheera, and alumni Robert Mayo as the tiger Shere Khan. The entire team, cast, and production has put in countless hours to make this play a success. When asked about the play and what things she has enjoyed most from this experience, Keojah McBryde answered, “It’s been really fun getting to know all of the new cast members.” Indeed, the theatrical society gained a huge turnout of incoming students. “We’ve had a lot of laughs and a lot of bounding time”, McBryde finished.


Shere Khan: Captured by Mark Westlund

This year’s production is due to the leadership of students, Angela Warfel and Abigail Dority, two MKs with an extraordinary vision for this production and a vigorous drive to carry it out. Upon interviewing the directors, Abigail Dority was able to share one of the rewarding things about directing a play. “One of the most rewarding things is being able to take my ideas for something and seeing it executed the way I want it to be done. Everybody has different views. Somebody else would have read this script and thought of totally different things than I did. Seeing something portrayed the way I visioned and having it come to fruition has been really cool.” The vision will be grand, as the play will be performed on a beautiful jungle set, which was designed and built under the leadership of Keven Jensen and Karely Velez. The directors are excited to see everything come together. “This definitely takes a lot more work than I expected, but it was easier because I had Angela as my co-director,” Dority admits. “She and I work really well together, so it wasn’t quite as hard as I was expecting it to be. It’s been really fun.”


Mowgli: Captured by Mark Westlund

The Jungle Book will be this Thursday and Friday at 7:00 PM, and this Saturday at 3:00 PM at The Pointe Church in Toccoa. Tickets are $5 for students, $7 for adults, and $3 for children at the door. If you buy early in the Student Center, every ticket is $1 off. Doors open half-an-hour before each show and the show lasts about an hour and a half. Come out and prepare yourself to delve into the warm, dark, heart of the jungle.

All photos by Mark Westlund.

Murder among the Mateys

This Saturday, the TFC Philosophy Club and the TFC Theatrical Society will be teaming up to bring you this year’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater: Murder among the Mateys. This year’s Halloween dinner theater will take you to the high seas as participants will interact with the pirates and solve a heinous murder. Meet the crew of the Jaded Jewel, engage in humor, enjoy great food, and dress up in your best pirate gear. Meet Captain Redbeard and his scurvey crew. Meet Governor Napier and his royal family, who despise pirates. Put your detective skills to the test in this interactive set.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is a tradition that was started last year. Over a hundred attendees gathered to interact with 1920s mobsters and capture a murderer. This year hopes to be another success, with Philosophy Club President Amber Reynolds at the stern. General Coordinator, Rosse Karely Velez, has been the go-to girl in the process of making this year’s events happen, overseeing props, set, and actors. This year’s event is also due to the efforts of students such as Keegan Murphy, in charge of costuming, and Amber Reynolds in charge of evening’s dinner with the help Dr.Gary Elkins and Paula Elkins. The actors have taken up responsibility for coordinating themselves and have been preparing for weeks while having fun getting to be pirates. Actress Renee Morris commented on the process that has been invovlved in putting on this event; “The cast of Murder among the Mateys is unique because one is not just affiliated with the Philosophy Club or the Theatrical Society. Everyone joins to have fun and be entertained by the students of TFC. One of the actors comments,”I have the privilege to be a pirate with some talented people I didn’t know before this production. It’s been fun to play a pirate and see everyone enjoy the production by playing around with different accents, calling each other pirate insults, and getting to play a character that we might no totherwise be able to portray.” The cast is geared up and excited to put on this production for the student body for the second year.

Saturday’s events will take place October 29th at First Alliance Church in Toccoa – that’s right across the street from Walmart. The doors open at 5:45, and the program begins at 6:00, so don’t be late! Tickets are $3. The Philosophy Club will be selling tickets in the Student Center during lunch and dinner hours this week. Tickets will be sold at the door, but the club asks that you purchase your tickets early so that they can assess the attendance. This year’s attendance will be capped at 100 and last year saw over 100 participants, so get your tickets soon!

A homemade dinner and dessert will be served. Come dressed in your best pirate gear, but if you don’t have a costume, you’re still wholeheartedly welcome to come.  There will be two contests where participants can win prizes: one for best dressed and one for best solution. So buckle your boots, strap on your sword, get out your thinking caps, and join Murder among the Mateys for an extravagant adventure.

Murder among the Mateys

October 29th, First Alliance Church Toccoa

Doors Open: 5:45 – Program Starts 6:00

Tickets $3

Dinner served, Come dressed in your best pirate gear!

For Questions, Contact: or

A Night of Improv and Comedy

This past Saturday and Sunday, the Toccoa Falls College Theatrical Society put on their spring production,“A Night of Comedy and Improv.”

Like the title of the show suggests, the actors and actresses performed a few short, comedic skits and entertained the crowd with some bits of hilarious improvisation. The small group of students who had committed to this production rehearsed and prepared for months. The resulting performance showed their hard work!

The skits included a two-part sketch called “Flirting Academy”, inspired by Studio C, and a zany skit called “Are you a fool?” directed by TFC Junior, Rachel Mayo.

The Theatrical Society performed a more serious play in addition to the comedies. TFC senior, Rebekah Stillwell, directed “The Lifehouse Everything Skit”. This silent skit portrayed the redemption story in a moving and beautiful way. Stillwell commented on the evening,

“This was one of the most fun performances the Theatrical Society has ever done! I loved the way almost everyone was in multiple acts. And while our scripted skits were awesome, the best parts (and the ones that got the most laughs) were the improv sessions. It made for an informal, more laid back interaction with the audience. It was a very close-knit group and I was so proud to work with them!”

The night was filled with laughter and a good time was had by actors and audience alike. One audience member said, “It was comical and interesting. I can’t compare it to anything else!”

Rebecca Colson, the leader of the improve troupe, Dead Joke Society, shared her parting thoughts about the production,

“I loved getting to hang out, goof off, and get to know the cast members. With all the stress of final assignments, acting with this group of people has been a great boost. And getting to pray for them before and after rehearsals has been a special joy for me as a director.”

 This statement from Rebecca really sums up what the Theatrical Society is about. This group of theatrically inclined students is able to come together, build each other up, and pray for one another. The group loves to have fun together and, through performing together regularly, has developed a strong bond. Their chemistry transcends from their personal lives to the stage, where they can encourage and entertain others through their passion for the Arts. Their goal is to glorify God in the talent they share with the community and the student body, and this goal has been achieved every semester.

The group loves to have fun together and, through performing together regularly, has developed a strong bond. Their chemistry transcends from their personal lives to the stage, where they can encourage and entertain others through their passion for the Arts. Their goal is to glorify God in the talent they share with the community and the student body, and this goal has been achieved every semester.

The Theatrical Society is a great facet in the student life at Toccoa Falls College. They will have more great performances and events next semester, so students can be on the lookout for their updates! For more information about the Theatrical Society contact club president, Callan Bentley at or Rebecca Colson at

For more information about the Theatrical Society contact club president, Callan Bentley at or Rebecca Colson at

Get to Know The TFC Theatrical Society

The Toccoa Falls College Theatrical Society is composed of a group of students committed to using their talent and love for the arts to serve the student body and the community. Their goal is to show that God’s glory can be reflected through dramatic arts. Toccoa Falls College student Callan Bentley, President of the Theatrical Society, put it eloquently when asked about the purpose of the club. She described the group as “dedicated to entertaining the TFC community with [their] talents and blessings in the dramatic arts, and to show that the Lord can be praised through the beauty of art and creativity.” Callan also shared her personal goals for the society and what students can look forward to this semester.

What is your desire for students who join and/or participate in club events?
My desire is that the TFC community as a whole would experience exactly what we work hard to give them: entertainment and appreciation for the arts. For the individual students, I believe that the club has a lot to offer them. Each individual has so much to give to the club! I have seen TFCTS build great teamwork, create friendships, and open the door for people to learn that they are capable of creating beautiful things. By the time the semester ends, we all miss it – whether it be a play, programs, or trips. We can’t wait to do it all again!
What’s going to be happening in the club this semester?
This semester we have several activities available. Beginning the Thursday after spring break, we will be having improv nights Tuesdays (9pm) and Thursdays (9:30pm) in WM 104. Anyone can come join and have fun! Also, April 23rd and 24th will be our semester’s play. There will be more details on that to come! In addition to these we have several other things planned that will be announced and open to anyone who would like to participate.
Callan describes membership in the society as similar to a family. The students who are members have bonded together and become very close-knit from putting on productions together, sharing hilarious memories, and participating in events. The improv group that Callan mentioned is officially called The Dead Joke Society and is headed up by Rebecca Colson, a junior here at TFC. She shared some of her thoughts and excitement about the club.
What is The Dead Joke society?
We’re a comedy improv group: A bunch of actors and actresses who love laughing and making others laugh. In case you didn’t know, “improv” is short for improvisation. There is little to know memorization for a performance, we just get on stage and start acting!
Who can join Dead Joke Society?
Like that chef from Ratatouille said, “Anyone can cook!” But by cook I mean join. You can come as many or as few nights as you want, it’s super relaxed, no commitment or experience required! You don’t have to be a member of the Theatrical Society either. However, later in the semester, we’ll be joining members of the Theatrical Society to put on a performance, so after a few weeks, we’ll be asking those interested in performing to commit to attending. Improv may not require scripts, but it does take practice!
What are you looking forward to most about starting improv again?
There’s a lot I’m looking forward to, but what I am the most would have to be getting to do improv myself. I’ve been doing improv acting since high school, and it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love getting to make people laugh and interacting with other actors on stage. Improv is so much fun. Even if you’ve never acted before, come join us one night and give it a try!
Theatrical Society members are anticipating exciting events this semester. Everyone should look out for their events and participate in their activities! They are sure to be enjoyed by all! For more information, email Callan Bentley at or Rebecca Colson at