Meet Your 2017/2018 ARDs

As the end of the school year approaches and summer shines into view, plans are already being made for the 2017/2018 school year.  In the midst of chaos, cramming, and cups of coffee, faculty and staff are hard at work in order to make next school year even more fantastic and exciting than the present one. One change that takes place annually is the picking of Assistant Resident Assistants. These special people assist Resident Directors behind the scenes in order to guarantee a fun and thriving environment for on campus students. Below is an introduction to your 2017/18 ARDs – Anna Claire Harrison (Fant/LT), Wesley Lavrinc (Forrest), and Julia Raymer (Terraces).

Anna Claire Harrison


What motivated you to apply for the ARD position?

This past year I got to be an RA on Fant 2 and had an incredible year being a part of young women’s lives. I truly believe in Residence Life and the community it aspires to create. Being an active member in community is an essential part of spiritual formation- learning how to bear one another’s burdens, give grace when it is inconvenient, and love one another even when it is messy. Our RA’s and RD’s have a difficult job practicing these things, so I applied for the ARD position knowing that by serving behind the scenes in indirect ways, I can set up other people for victories. I heard it best said in terms of the famous painter Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo would have been a glorified house painter had it not been for the man who made scaffolding in which Michelangelo might paint from. While his job was not glamorous it was certainly essential in lifting viewers eyes towards the depiction of the gospel.

What is the most exciting thing about this position?

Getting to know next year’s RA’s. They are seriously amazing, and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses their individual gifts and passions to love and serve their hall, celebrate the big and small victories, and learn to lean into one another during the hard times.

What are three things about you that are interesting?

I love the outdoors and backpacking. Forget long walks on the beach, let’s take a hike under the trees with some squirrels. I took a gap year in between high school and college and spent half the year in Turkey. I hope to one day live overseas again. My favorite food is my momma’s guacamole (no other, it must be made by her hands). If I was trapped on an island and could only eat one food- it would be that heavenly avocado spread.

Wes Lavrinc


What motivated you to apply for the ARD position?

My main motivation to apply for the ARD position was being able to develop an even deeper relationship with the Resident Director of Forrest Hall, Saylo Lor. He has been extremely influential in my life over the past two years and the opportunity to work side-by-side with him was something I did not want to miss. Also, I know just how valuable of a position the ARD is in supporting the RAs, and I wanted to directly pour into their lives in the same way that Daniel Nally, the first ARD in the history of Forrest Hall, supported me this year.

What is the most exciting thing about this position?

The most exciting thing about this position is that it is a great opportunity to exercise servant leadership in ways that often go unseen by the public. So much goes on behind the scenes that residents do not see that make things here on campus run smoother and far more enjoyable. It is exciting to have a chance to play a part in that.

What are three things about you that are interesting?

The first interesting thing about me is that I love whistling and have been told that I am not too shabby at it. The second interesting thing about me it that I love sports and always thought that I would end up being some sort of professional athlete. God had other plans. Finally, I believe that God has called me overseas (no idea where yet) to do evangelism, biblical and theological training, and church planting.

Julia Raymer
12074669_934376373290349_1397589191837853592_nWhat motivated you to apply for the ARD position?

I applied for ARD because I have loved serving residents as an RA for the last two years, and I wanted to continue to use my experience to benefit students living on campus.

What is the most exciting thing about this position?

I’m excited to see a different side of TFC, to work behind the scenes, and get my hands dirty.

What are three things about you that are interesting?

I love bunnies, tea, and good books.

Mr. TFC 2017!

This past Friday evening, students gathered into Grace Chapel at 8:00 P.M. to watch Mr. TFC. Each year, SGA hosts a competitive event between male representatives from each class. The four selected by the school were assigned to compete in different mindless and silly games that kept the audience laughing the entire hour and a half of the show. The games simply consisted of pure entertainment and hilarious talents. John Thar, Student Body President, and Stephen King cleverly hosted the show that boasted a sense of energy and excitement.

First introduced was freshman representative David Ramirez. As he rushed into Grace Chapel, he pretended that he was running a race. While dramatic music was playing in the background, he ran in slow motion down the aisle. At the end, two students held a banner while Ramirez crashed through and thankfully avoided tragedy. The crowd cheered, as he hopped onto the stage ready for action.

Wes Lavrinc, sophomore representative, was dressed in black with a crazy hairstyle and sunglasses. He came in with a sly walk down to catchy tune while everyone laughed at the dance he performed on stage. It was hilarious!

Dani Maxey, aka “Grilled-cheese Papi,”represented the junior class as he made his famous grilled cheese for the judges. Rolling around on his hover board definitely created laughs that filled the night.

Last, but not least, senior representative, Max Lawrence, marched toward the stage with a TFC flag in hand along with a crew of men dressed in black and white. Lawrence certainly displayed magnificent talent as he was recognized as The Chocolate Fantasy.

The representatives of each class faced each other in a plethora of competitions involving the best pick-up lines, most creative makeup artists, and a unique talent. Lavrinc’s pickup line, “Hey girl, I’ll be the Ahab to your Jezebel” or Lawrence’s dance to the classic “Jump On It” gave the audience an irresistible thrill. Other events like David’s song about TFC, tarantulas, giraffes, xylophones, and other random things or Dani falling off his hover board simply showed that the men at TFC can be quite talented and amusing.

At the end of the show, Thar and King gave the competitors one last competition. They told each representative to take off one sock and hand it to the next man. With confused looks, they did as they were told and waited in anticipation. Afterwards they had to drink a soda filtered through the sock. Whoever finished the soda first, won! Max downed the can extremely fast and smashed it to the ground. The guys seemed troubled by the task, but they completed it without hesitancy.

As the judges handed in their votes for the winner, Thar proclaimed that Dani Maxey won Mr. TFC! Last years winner, Seth Vanhorn, arrived on the stage crowning Maxi and dubbing him with the campus’s famous, golden plunger.

At the end, Maxey screamed “juniors!!” as the crowd cheered. Congratulations Dani for winning this years Mr. TFC!


The Black Spade Society’s Show Project

Now, the Black Spade Society is not some secret cult or exclusivist, fancy club here at TFC.  This society is a media group that is planning on tackling a huge project just wanted to bare a cool name while doing it. The project? A completely original, full-length, television-worthy video series created here at TFC by the students and they need your help! If one is a media student (yes, it is confirmed that this project can contribute to mass communication practicum courses), into music making, or just interested in making videos, one should consider joining this journey.

The title of the series is JOYEUX (French for “happy” or “joyful” and pronounced as “zha-why-YOU”) and is headed, written, and will be directed by James Hutton and assisted by Seth Renicks, the head of audio and visuals. It is a dialogue-driven, non-traditional comedy-drama about a group of students here at TFC attempting to make it through the college grind while attempting to find normality, spirituality, happiness, and, as the title suggests, joy. That is only scratching the surface and more will be revealed in time.

Right now, the group’s focus is on creating a pilot episode to get a handle on how they will approach the rest of the series. For anyone who does not know, a “pilot” is practically a single episode of a potential series. The pilot  serves as a proof of concept on what the series will be like, what it is about, and is practice for how the team will create the rest of the series. So, the team is making only one episode in order to figure out how they will approach the rest of the series. The episode is planned to be screened in the auditorium and possibly uploaded online.

The society is looking for creative and dedicated people who are artistically or technically minded to help with the many different tasks of movie/show making. Everything is open. They need people for acting, camerawork, lighting, equipment handling, screenwriting, storyboarding, wardrobe managing/costume designing, art, sound equipment, audio engineering, and soundtrack compositing. Yes, if you are a music major or a hobbyist musician that is good with an instrument, they plan on having a completely original soundtrack and score. More characters will be introduced throughout the series so there is always a chance to get a role. The story revolves a bit around music as well. They desire to use people who have their own video equipment as well. The society does have some funding and administration from the communication department, but there is a limited budget. The other reason for having a pilot is proving ground to be funded for a series.

The society is still on the verge of getting on its feet and it could use as many volunteers as possible to make this ambitious project a reality. The group had their first meeting a couple of weeks ago and they are currently hosting auditions. If you are interested in joining, they plan on having meetings every Saturday and Monday at 7:00 PM. For more details, email There will be plenty of opportunities to create an extraordinary production!

Screaming Eagles Baseball 2017

Toccoa Falls Athletics have been through a whirlwind of change over the last few years. It is common that athletes transfer in or out, but the athletic department has seen a surge of coaching turnover the last few years. The Screaming Eagles are in their first season under Head Baseball coach, Jeff Mullikin, and have struggled thus far. The program brought in more than thirty recruits this year, but have not been able to find the chemistry needed to win games. It is evident, even from the stands, that there is frustration about the seasons turnout. However, there is hope on the horizon according to Senior Team leader Nathan Stanley.

I spoke with Nathan about what the team needs to turn the season around, what are some positive things the team is doing, and the major area of improvement needed.

Nathan says, “The major factor in turning the team around is constant support from players, staff, and the student body. I have played sports my entire life, and I know how frustrating it can be to play on a team that has no support from players or fans. It is demoralizing playing in front of home crowd that does not cheer or support.” The Toccoa Falls fans have been extremely supportive and the team is looking forward to continued support from students, staff, and family members.

In spite of their lackluster record, there are good signs from a very, young team. Stanley talked positively by saying, “There are good things to be said about this team. The guys love each other and compete hard every day at practice to get better. We challenge each other on and off the field.” It is great to hear that the team pushes each other on the field, but their off-field chemistry is going to play a major factor in their success.  

According to Stanley, the one area that still has not clicked for the Screaming Eagles this season is the mental aspect. He explains, “As a team, we need to realize that each day is an opportunity to build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over. Our mental aspect of the game needs to improve as we begin to head towards conference play.”

Whether it is mental toughness, team chemistry, or just bad luck that is plaguing the Screaming Eagles Baseball team, there is no doubt that they are working frantically to figure it out. They have played opponents well, but have not been able to close out games. It will be interesting to see how things progress as conference play gets into full swing. If nothing else, there is optimism in the voice of one of the team leaders. Nathan continues to see the positive by stating, “As we are gearing toward beginning conference play, we expect to get on a hot streak. The last week, we have played top tier opponents and played them well. With our team chemistry and mental capacity for the game expanding, there is nothing but bright horizons ahead.”

TFC Press Conference

Did you realize that elections for student body president and vice president are almost upon us, TFC students? Whether you did or not, this week you will be reminded daily as we all go through the campaigning week where the candidates vigorously appeal to us, vying for our votes. Other than being the victim of the often enjoyable advertisements by the candidates YOU yourself can be actively involved in this process! Here’s how: Take part in the press conference that is occurring this weekend!

On Sunday, March 5th at 7:00 p.m. SGA and The Talon are collaborating to host a press conference. This ceremony is open to all students, and is a perfect opportunity for one to get to know the candidates that are striving to be the president and vice president of the TFC student body. SGA and the Talon encourage everyone to participate! Last year’s press conference proved to be very successful and enjoyable.

The course of events of the press conference will begin with a short opening. After prayer, Seth VanHorn and Shelby Hinson–this years president and vice president candidates–will each proceed to present their platform. Their goals, passions, and motives will all be revealed as the two explain their goals for Toccoa Falls College. So don’t miss out, because this will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn about who these two candidates are, what they promise to do, and how they will affect your life here at TFC.

But this event will not just be passive listening to Seth and Shelby’s manifesto; no, there is a specific time that is set aside for questioning the candidates. Talon representatives will spearhead the questions, but students are also encouraged to ask their own questions. You will not want to miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

After the questions, Seth and Shelby will have have one last opportunity to speak. The duo’s valediction will give them the opportunity to give one last appeal to the audience. John Thar and Mandy Sullivan will then conclude the press conference by encouraging attendees to act upon their acquired knowledge and student responsibility/ability to go and vote (and even though there is only one candidate team this year it is not worthless to go and vote. Write ins are totally possible!).

However, if you do not have the opportunity to be present at the ceremonies—don’t worry! Eagle Vision will be posting a live broadcast of the event; and your questions can still be answered even without you being there because the Talon will be accepting student questions this week, which will be brought up during the press conference.

If there are any questions that you would specifically be interested in seeing addressed during the meeting, you can submit those questions to Jessica Smith, the editor of the Talon. She will ensure that your thoughts are voiced. Questions should be submitted to Jessica via email at Your opinion matters, and SGA and the Talon are committed to making sure that your concerns are addressed. The deadline for student questions is March 2nd by midnight, so waste no time; but if you are going to be at the conference do not worry about submitting questions—you can bring those up yourself at the conference.

So on March 5th, join SGA, the Talon, and your fellow students in Woener Missions Room 104 at 7 P.M. to take part in the press conference. Participate in listening to the candidates and contributing with your own questions. Ballots for student body president and vice president are quickly approaching, so do yourself a favor and come so that you can be an informed voter.