Fant Open Dorm: Blackout!

On Saturday, March 9th Fant held it’s annual Open Dorm event. The theme was “Blackout!: Everything must glow.” And everything did indeed glow. Black lights and glow-in-the-dark bands were abundant in the lobby and epic dance music was playing all night long. Many students, from freshmen to seniors, were present and dancing to the beat. Chicken fingers, gummy bears, and chips were offered to eat with fruit slushies or water to drink. There were a few group dances that many people participated in such as the Electric Shuffle, and a human train was even started. The energy throughout the lobby was incredible, and it was evident that everyone else could feel it as they danced and had a great time with friends.

Downstairs in the basement was an area for those who wanted to take a break from dancing. And there were plenty of options to choose from. A wall with paint-filled balloons was setup for anyone who wanted to try their hand at some impromptu art. On the dessert table, which is probably the main reason people went down there, brownies, cookies, cakes, and Jell-O were available. Next to this table was a Wii with Wipeout: Winter Edition ready to play. Several students tried their hand at the game and had a few giggles as they tried to guide their character through the crazy obstacle course.

Now the purpose of an Open Dorm is to give the students, who normally wouldn’t be allowed to, a chance to see the rooms. So naturally, if someone didn’t want to dance, or eat, or play with paint, they could go upstairs and see their friend’s room. A group of about twelve people did just this and played a rollicking game of Telephone-Pictionary. By the end of the night, they were on the floor laughing at the crazy scenarios their friends had come up with. Even though the guys had to leave at 11:00, they continued the fun at Forrest Lobby because they just didn’t want to stop.

The Fant Open Dorm was one of the most fun-filled nights on campus this semester. The girls did a great job with all the planning an decorations. If you enjoyed it, let them know: I am sure they will appreciate it.