The Black Spade Society’s Show Project

Now, the Black Spade Society is not some secret cult or exclusivist, fancy club here at TFC.  This society is a media group that is planning on tackling a huge project just wanted to bare a cool name while doing it. The project? A completely original, full-length, television-worthy video series created here at TFC by the students and they need your help! If one is a media student (yes, it is confirmed that this project can contribute to mass communication practicum courses), into music making, or just interested in making videos, one should consider joining this journey.

The title of the series is JOYEUX (French for “happy” or “joyful” and pronounced as “zha-why-YOU”) and is headed, written, and will be directed by James Hutton and assisted by Seth Renicks, the head of audio and visuals. It is a dialogue-driven, non-traditional comedy-drama about a group of students here at TFC attempting to make it through the college grind while attempting to find normality, spirituality, happiness, and, as the title suggests, joy. That is only scratching the surface and more will be revealed in time.

Right now, the group’s focus is on creating a pilot episode to get a handle on how they will approach the rest of the series. For anyone who does not know, a “pilot” is practically a single episode of a potential series. The pilot  serves as a proof of concept on what the series will be like, what it is about, and is practice for how the team will create the rest of the series. So, the team is making only one episode in order to figure out how they will approach the rest of the series. The episode is planned to be screened in the auditorium and possibly uploaded online.

The society is looking for creative and dedicated people who are artistically or technically minded to help with the many different tasks of movie/show making. Everything is open. They need people for acting, camerawork, lighting, equipment handling, screenwriting, storyboarding, wardrobe managing/costume designing, art, sound equipment, audio engineering, and soundtrack compositing. Yes, if you are a music major or a hobbyist musician that is good with an instrument, they plan on having a completely original soundtrack and score. More characters will be introduced throughout the series so there is always a chance to get a role. The story revolves a bit around music as well. They desire to use people who have their own video equipment as well. The society does have some funding and administration from the communication department, but there is a limited budget. The other reason for having a pilot is proving ground to be funded for a series.

The society is still on the verge of getting on its feet and it could use as many volunteers as possible to make this ambitious project a reality. The group had their first meeting a couple of weeks ago and they are currently hosting auditions. If you are interested in joining, they plan on having meetings every Saturday and Monday at 7:00 PM. For more details, email There will be plenty of opportunities to create an extraordinary production!

A Night of Improv and Comedy

This past Saturday and Sunday, the Toccoa Falls College Theatrical Society put on their spring production,“A Night of Comedy and Improv.”

Like the title of the show suggests, the actors and actresses performed a few short, comedic skits and entertained the crowd with some bits of hilarious improvisation. The small group of students who had committed to this production rehearsed and prepared for months. The resulting performance showed their hard work!

The skits included a two-part sketch called “Flirting Academy”, inspired by Studio C, and a zany skit called “Are you a fool?” directed by TFC Junior, Rachel Mayo.

The Theatrical Society performed a more serious play in addition to the comedies. TFC senior, Rebekah Stillwell, directed “The Lifehouse Everything Skit”. This silent skit portrayed the redemption story in a moving and beautiful way. Stillwell commented on the evening,

“This was one of the most fun performances the Theatrical Society has ever done! I loved the way almost everyone was in multiple acts. And while our scripted skits were awesome, the best parts (and the ones that got the most laughs) were the improv sessions. It made for an informal, more laid back interaction with the audience. It was a very close-knit group and I was so proud to work with them!”

The night was filled with laughter and a good time was had by actors and audience alike. One audience member said, “It was comical and interesting. I can’t compare it to anything else!”

Rebecca Colson, the leader of the improve troupe, Dead Joke Society, shared her parting thoughts about the production,

“I loved getting to hang out, goof off, and get to know the cast members. With all the stress of final assignments, acting with this group of people has been a great boost. And getting to pray for them before and after rehearsals has been a special joy for me as a director.”

 This statement from Rebecca really sums up what the Theatrical Society is about. This group of theatrically inclined students is able to come together, build each other up, and pray for one another. The group loves to have fun together and, through performing together regularly, has developed a strong bond. Their chemistry transcends from their personal lives to the stage, where they can encourage and entertain others through their passion for the Arts. Their goal is to glorify God in the talent they share with the community and the student body, and this goal has been achieved every semester.

The group loves to have fun together and, through performing together regularly, has developed a strong bond. Their chemistry transcends from their personal lives to the stage, where they can encourage and entertain others through their passion for the Arts. Their goal is to glorify God in the talent they share with the community and the student body, and this goal has been achieved every semester.

The Theatrical Society is a great facet in the student life at Toccoa Falls College. They will have more great performances and events next semester, so students can be on the lookout for their updates! For more information about the Theatrical Society contact club president, Callan Bentley at or Rebecca Colson at

For more information about the Theatrical Society contact club president, Callan Bentley at or Rebecca Colson at

Hunger Games Weekend

Almost a year ago, hundreds of TFC students were on the edge of their seats after watching Catching Fire, the second movie in The Hunger Games Trilogy. Viewers were with left with many emotions after the credits ran. There was a sense of relief that Katniss Everdeen made it through her second Hunger Games, a feat that seemed impossible. There was confusion about the revolution that had been brewing, and the lies Katniss had been told to keep it going. There was anguish at the knowledge that Peeta Mellark was unable to escape the Hunger Games, and had been taken by the Capitol. Most of all, there was ancipatoon for the next movie to come out. The audience has to know what happens to the beloved heroes of The Hunger Games. Will the revolution be successful, or will the Capitol stop it in its tracks?

This Saturday, TFC students will have the opportunity to see Mockingjay Part 1, the first part of the final installment of the trilogy. SGA will be providing 150 tickets for free, and 150 tickets at the discounted price of $4.00. The money that the students pay for the discounted tickets will be put towards seeing another movie during the Spring semester. The tickets will be given out on a first-come first-serve basis. When the first 150 tickets are gone, SGA will begin selling the other 150 tickets. Students can receive a ticket by going to the Student Center at 9p.m. on Tuesday Nov. 18. The ticket will be for either the 10:00 p.m. or 10:15 p.m. showing on Saturday Nov. 22. (times are also on a first come first serve basis). The location of the movie is Habersham Hills Cinema.

To add to the Hunger Games excitement, SGA’s Social Life committee will be hosting an outdoor game night this Friday Nov. 21.  The game will be Capitol vs. the Tributes. The game will be similar to the game cops and robbers. The goal of the game will be to get to all the checkpoints without being caught. There will be four rounds, and the winner of each round will win a prize such as a Sonic gift card. SGA will be raffling off the first two Hunger Game movies. They will also be raffling off tickets to the Toccoa Falls vs. La Grange basketball game at Phillips Arena on Dec. 2. This will be a great precursor to watching Mockingjay on Saturday night. Capitol vs. the Tributes will start at 8 p.m. in front of LeTourneau Hall.

Make sure that you get your ticket for Mockingjay part 1 as soon as you can, because they will run out fast. May the odds be ever in your favor.

TFC Philosophy Club Hosts Movie Night

The Toccoa Falls College Philosophy Club hosted an event last Sunday night here on campus, showing the movie Believe Me while also providing refreshments and a time of discussion.

It was the first event put on by the club since Hunter Yarbrough took over as club president, and it turned out to be a great success. Many students showed up to watch the film and engage in friendly debate, and the movie provided an interesting look into how Christianity is viewed from a secular perspective.

A basic summary of the movie is that a college student, who is getting ready to graduate and attend law school, finds out that his scholarship has run out and that he owes almost 10,000 dollars for his final semester. In order to get the money he and his friends create a fake charity. The group begins touring around the country and speaking at Christian events so that they can raise money for this charity, while actually pocketing most of the profit.

The movie, directed by Will Bakke (Beware of Christians), takes a satirical and somewhat negative look at the Church. It focuses on the tendency for ministry to become caught up with making money and looking good than actually doing God’s will, and that people often times give because they want to feel good about themselves, instead of doing it because it is right. Overall, while it does not exactly speak well of the Church, it is a movie that provides plenty of material for discussion and debate, proving to be a great choice for the Philosophy Club’s movie night.

Cheyenne Capin, vice president of the club, wanted to use the event not only as a night of fun and fellowship, but also as a means to help the campus become more informed on what the Philosophy Club is about. The purpose of the club is to “get students involved for expanding knowledge in a safe setting,” Capin said. “We want to provide an area for discussion without judgment.”

Capin believes that the Philosophy Club is important because it allows for campus-wide debate. People who come from different backgrounds and who share different views can gather together to talk about them, and in doing so can begin to understand each other better.

“We do not want people to be afraid of us because we think a lot,” Capin said with a laugh. “You do not have to be a philosophy major to attend or enjoy, the club is open to everyone.” Capin, who is a senior, wants to see more students get interested and get involved in order to build a strong foundation, so that students will continue to have a place to meet and discuss important topics without the fear of judgment for years to come.

The Philosophy Club holds meetings once per month in the student lounge located in Timms Hall. They have several events planned out for the rest of the semester, including a coffee shop debate as well as hosting the annual debate for Dr. Gary Elkins philosophy class.

If you are interested in joining or just want to find out more information, feel free to check out the club’s Facebook page: TFC – The Philosophy Club.

5 Reasons you should go see Divergent

The worldwide bestselling Young-adult novel has the potential to not be the new Twilight, Hunger Games, etc. but it’s own force in the entertainment industry. After viewing a pre-screening of Divergent, I believe that anyone who desires to see an honest and interesting story unfold should certainly pay the $8.50 to watch Divergent. Whether or not you are fan of the Divergent book series, here are 5 reasons you should go see Divergent in theaters.

5. The Character Development is not forced

Some movies force character development, leaving the story to resolve in a manner that is quick and confusing. The tension created in the opening scenes of Divergent does not resolve in the final moments of the movie. The story allows for the ending to leave questions and the audience looking forward to the sequel.

4. The plot line is follow-able for those who have not read the series; yet, the movie is more than satisfactory  for fans. 

I was impressed how the movie explained both simple elements and complex concepts while still never giving away the ending. The main conflict of the movie was not developed until the main characters had been introduced and the audience became attached to the story. Even still the revealing of details in the movie are just as shocking in the movie as if you had never read the book. You may think you know what is going to happen, you do not.

3.  There is an honesty surrounding the movie. 

During the pre-production, filming, and post-production process, it was made clear that this movie was not seeking to be like The Hunger Games or any other book-to-screen adaption. The cast and production team were often noted for thinking that the need to out-gross other movies in the same genre was silly. What this looks like in the theatrical version of the movie is an completely honest look at the world portrayed in the Divergent series.

2. The soundtrack

With artists like Zedd, Ellie Goulding, Snow Patrol, Skrillex, and many others, there is very little left desired. Simply put, whoever decided to choose the music in the movie needs a pay-raise.

1. Divergent is of the best book-to-screen adaptions of a Young Adult novel I have ever watched.

Are there differences between the book and movie? Of course.

Are some of the differences bothersome? They were, until I watched the movie.

After sitting through the story that the movie was telling, I realized that this story did not do any injustice to the fans, to Veronica Roth, or to the characters in the Divergent books. Well, maybe Erik should have more piercing, but it makes for a funny meme. Whatever was missing from the book or changed in adaption made logical sense where the book seemed to force a specific concept. There is still plenty of time allotted to important plot-points with more of the gore of the book reserved for another time. As a fan, I was impressed and was excited about the changes, because in the end, you were cheering for Tris even more than in the book. Divergent is a well made and fan-considerate adaption. So whether you have followed the series since 2011, or have jumped on the band-wagon, or train, treat yourself to good story-telling and see Divergent.

Bonus: Theo James is beautiful.