The Black Spade Society’s Show Project

Now, the Black Spade Society is not some secret cult or exclusivist, fancy club here at TFC.  This society is a media group that is planning on tackling a huge project just wanted to bare a cool name while doing it. The project? A completely original, full-length, television-worthy video series created here at TFC by the students and they need your help! If one is a media student (yes, it is confirmed that this project can contribute to mass communication practicum courses), into music making, or just interested in making videos, one should consider joining this journey.

The title of the series is JOYEUX (French for “happy” or “joyful” and pronounced as “zha-why-YOU”) and is headed, written, and will be directed by James Hutton and assisted by Seth Renicks, the head of audio and visuals. It is a dialogue-driven, non-traditional comedy-drama about a group of students here at TFC attempting to make it through the college grind while attempting to find normality, spirituality, happiness, and, as the title suggests, joy. That is only scratching the surface and more will be revealed in time.

Right now, the group’s focus is on creating a pilot episode to get a handle on how they will approach the rest of the series. For anyone who does not know, a “pilot” is practically a single episode of a potential series. The pilot  serves as a proof of concept on what the series will be like, what it is about, and is practice for how the team will create the rest of the series. So, the team is making only one episode in order to figure out how they will approach the rest of the series. The episode is planned to be screened in the auditorium and possibly uploaded online.

The society is looking for creative and dedicated people who are artistically or technically minded to help with the many different tasks of movie/show making. Everything is open. They need people for acting, camerawork, lighting, equipment handling, screenwriting, storyboarding, wardrobe managing/costume designing, art, sound equipment, audio engineering, and soundtrack compositing. Yes, if you are a music major or a hobbyist musician that is good with an instrument, they plan on having a completely original soundtrack and score. More characters will be introduced throughout the series so there is always a chance to get a role. The story revolves a bit around music as well. They desire to use people who have their own video equipment as well. The society does have some funding and administration from the communication department, but there is a limited budget. The other reason for having a pilot is proving ground to be funded for a series.

The society is still on the verge of getting on its feet and it could use as many volunteers as possible to make this ambitious project a reality. The group had their first meeting a couple of weeks ago and they are currently hosting auditions. If you are interested in joining, they plan on having meetings every Saturday and Monday at 7:00 PM. For more details, email There will be plenty of opportunities to create an extraordinary production!

Living in the Arts

Looking Outside the Frame is “A photography club themed off of community. Experiencing things while opening our eyes with a different perspective other than societies.” Club president, Samara Spence, developer of the photography club, has a passion for the art of photography, painting, and other art practices. Samara plans on graduating this spring with an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences. After graduating, she wishes to pursue a degree in film. Samara has greatly enjoyed guiding the photography club at TFC with great effort and a contagious desire for people to learn photography.

Taken by: Samara Spence

This year, Samara started the club and hosted an art festival, their first big event, on February 3rd. For Samara, she wished to demonstrate how the photography club is an important part of the arts that captures beauty. Looking Outside the Frame offers a place for people to grow in their photography skills. Samara explains that she never knew how to start the club, but with the help of her vice-president, she learned how to network and market herself. She looks at the club as “adventuring out” in a small community to share each other’s experience in the subject of photography. Toccoa Falls College students have a wonderful opportunity to join the club as they are looking for members and leaders.

Samara gained her love for picture taking when she found a book, Humans of New York, a collection of stories and photographs of different people throughout New York City. She was fascinated that the author  walked around to different strangers asking for their photograph. She was interested to see how the author was going around to meet new people. However, her vice-president helped Samara shape her perspective for the club as he explained that photography was more than just portraits.

One of the portrait examples she loved was how people showed before and after pictures of losing weight. “It was amazing how their bodies completely transformed”, she stated. Another example that was fascinating to Samara was of a women piercing her bottom lip in another culture to show a sign of beauty. As she looks at these specific instances, Samara is inspired to one day travel and capture Syrian refuges overseas. In addition, photojournalist Jim Loring, at North Georgia Technical College, greatly impacted her and others with his presentation on Syrian refuges. Her favorite part about guiding the community of TFC students in the art of photography is having fun and creating memories. “It’s hard” she explained, “but when everyone has been busy, it is fun to get a group of people together.”

If your interested in joining the photography club Looking Outside the Frame, please contact Samara Spence at

Health and Wellness Club

Toccoa Falls College is excited to offer a Health and Wellness Club this spring! Demetre Wells, club president, shares his experience and desire to apply a healthy lifestyle to the students at TFC.

Certifications: “These past four years, from fall 2011 to spring 2016, I have become certified through College of Lake County Health and Wellness program. I have received a personal training certification, wellness coaching, and also obtained an Associates degree in Applied Sciences with a focus in Health and Wellness promotion.”

Education:“From August 2011 to May 2016, I have studied at the College of Lake County in the health and wellness program. While studying at CLC, I was granted opportunities through the program and my class to do Health Practicum #1. This was a hands off practical observation experience which allowed me to shadow at many different places. Also, I had a chance to get involved in Health Practicum #2. This was a hands on practical experience where I got an opportunity to learn and eventually lead workout and warms ups while participating in different classes. I have learned, not only, in class but at the different locations I was stationed at.”

Key Strengths:“As far as fitness, I believe I would enjoy adding variations into workouts, as well as, being creative with programs and ideas. Also, I desire to be positive and motivational while incorporating interval intensity training, ploy-metric training, along with weight and strength training, etc.”

Personal key strengths:“I believe my key strengths are character, good leadership, positivity, determined, motivating, ambitious, open minded, team player and inspiring.”

Fitness Goal for TFC community:“I would like the TFC community to grow in an understanding of health and wellness through it’s different dimensions. If you are not embracing all of them in your daily life starting with taking care of your physical body and maintaining proper nutrition, it will be difficult to find balance in general lifestyle living. Essentially, I want the community to know it all starts with recognizing the body as a temple. You have to take care of it with good nourishment, exercise, and dieting. I just want to motivate the community toward the practice of being healthy in all areas. This will lead them to better results and find success in daily lifestyle goals in health, wellness, fitness and exercise.”

Health and Wellness will always be an important factor in each person’s life. TFC is privileged to have a determined club president for the Health and Wellness Club. Having the club at TFC will encourage student’s to take a journey toward strengthening themselves physically and spiritually. Fitness and exercise may be difficult, but it allows people to learn how to take care of their bodies as the Lord has always designed. As 1 Corinthians 6:19 says, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,”

If interested in joining the Health and Wellness Club contact Demetre Wells at: Demetre

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

Opportunity to live, work, serve, and adventure in a National Park for the summer!

What will you do this summer? Go backpacking and wake up near a glacier? Lead a church service in the middle of the Rocky Mountains? Become friends with international students during a hike through the Grand Canyon? If you’re ready for the ultimate adventure, then you should look into spending your summer living, working, and ministering in a national park.

On Tuesday, January 31st from 11am-2pm, a recruiter from A Christian Ministry in the National Parks ( will be on campus at Toccoa Falls College in the Student Center to encourage students to apply for the chance to serve and adventure in one of America’s parks this summer.

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks is an interdenominational ministry dedicated to being a Christian presence in the National Parks. ACMNP gives students the chance to have a life-changing summer by developing their own leadership skills and helping other people encounter God in the wonders of creation.

ACMNP volunteers earn a full-time income by working for the national park private concessionaires as waiters, cashiers, porters, and other seasonal positions.

Meet Josh. Josh has served with ACMNP three different times. First in Glacier National Park, then Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and last winter he led the Death Valley National Park ministry team. This is what he has to say about his experience with ACMNP:

“Many of the internationals and Americans at my park felt jaded or abused by the church in some way. Our calling in this park allowed us to reform the concept of what a Christian is and what it means to be a citizen of God’s kingdom”. – Josh Schmidt

“It was a beautiful time…bringing Christianity to a desert land. There was a ranger’s family who hungered for a place to learn and grow in the Word. They were fed. Another girl came to our services which reminded her of home and kept her going even in the difficult times of the season. We prayed with a variety of people in a variety of locations. And, I always learned just as much as everyone else at our weekly Bible studies.” –Josh Schmidt

“Psalm 73 stuck with me through-out the season: ‘Although my heart and flesh may fail, the Lord is the strength of my heart and my portion forever’ (v.26). Although we may sow and even water the seed of faith in others, it is the Lord who makes it grow.” –Josh Schmidt

For more information or to apply, speak with the recruiter or visit


Geralyn Folz | Recruiter

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

9185 E. Kenyon Ave. Suite 230 | Denver, CO 80237

P:  800-786-3450 | F:  303-220-0128 |


Toccoa Falls College presents The Jungle Book

This Thursday will be opening night of this semester’s Toccoa Falls College Theatrical Society’s production: The Jungle Book.  A large number of TFC students have dedicated their time, effort, and talents into making this semester’s production an even bigger success, and continuing the tradition of the Theatrical Society.

Bagheera: captured by Mark Westlund

Bagheera: captured by Mark Westlund

This semester’s play is an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s famous work by Monica Flory. The play retains all of the fun and liveliness from popular adaptations, with a few more ties back to the original work. For example, this adaptation will elaborate on the content and importance of jungle law, as outlined in the jungle book. As well, this adaptation will feature characters that appeared in the original work that audience members might not be as familiar with, such as, Tabaqui the Jackal. The Jungle Book will be family friendly, at times funny, at times dark and intense, and heartwarming all the same.

The Jungle Book will star Gavin Brain as Mowgli. Gavin is 11 and the oldest son of the Brains, a contributing family to TFC. This semester’s play will also star students, Cameron McIntyre as the bear Baloo, Keojah McBryde as the panther Bagheera, and alumni Robert Mayo as the tiger Shere Khan. The entire team, cast, and production has put in countless hours to make this play a success. When asked about the play and what things she has enjoyed most from this experience, Keojah McBryde answered, “It’s been really fun getting to know all of the new cast members.” Indeed, the theatrical society gained a huge turnout of incoming students. “We’ve had a lot of laughs and a lot of bounding time”, McBryde finished.


Shere Khan: Captured by Mark Westlund

This year’s production is due to the leadership of students, Angela Warfel and Abigail Dority, two MKs with an extraordinary vision for this production and a vigorous drive to carry it out. Upon interviewing the directors, Abigail Dority was able to share one of the rewarding things about directing a play. “One of the most rewarding things is being able to take my ideas for something and seeing it executed the way I want it to be done. Everybody has different views. Somebody else would have read this script and thought of totally different things than I did. Seeing something portrayed the way I visioned and having it come to fruition has been really cool.” The vision will be grand, as the play will be performed on a beautiful jungle set, which was designed and built under the leadership of Keven Jensen and Karely Velez. The directors are excited to see everything come together. “This definitely takes a lot more work than I expected, but it was easier because I had Angela as my co-director,” Dority admits. “She and I work really well together, so it wasn’t quite as hard as I was expecting it to be. It’s been really fun.”


Mowgli: Captured by Mark Westlund

The Jungle Book will be this Thursday and Friday at 7:00 PM, and this Saturday at 3:00 PM at The Pointe Church in Toccoa. Tickets are $5 for students, $7 for adults, and $3 for children at the door. If you buy early in the Student Center, every ticket is $1 off. Doors open half-an-hour before each show and the show lasts about an hour and a half. Come out and prepare yourself to delve into the warm, dark, heart of the jungle.

All photos by Mark Westlund.