Due for a Date with Due Date!!!

Todd Phillips can add another feather to his directorial cap with the release of the new movie Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis.

The movie tells the story of Downey’s character, Peter Highman, as he attempts to make his way across the country to be there for the birth of his son. His plans hit a snag, however, when he gets ejected from a plane and is forced to drive cross country with Ethan Tremblay, played by the ever funny Galifianakis.

With humor throughout and moments of emotion and heart, the movie scores as another hit to be added among the ranks of other Phillip movies such as the “Hangover,” “Old School” and “Wedding Crashers.”

Downey displays why he is one of the best actors around today, while Galifianakis shows a great depth to his acting abilities as well. We may have a serious actor on our hands, folks.

The movie is rated R and should not be seen by those who are easily offended by crude humor and language. That being said it is a wild ride that should be taken, so consider yourself due for a date with Due Date.

Cats vs. Dawgs: The Collegiate Showdown

It was a beautiful, cold, fall day between the hedges, as the Georgia Bulldogs and Idaho State Bengals took the field at Sanford Stadium.

The loyal fans shivering in the stands settled down with their hot cocoa to see their beloved bulldogs take the field of battle once more.

The dogs put up six points early and began dominating the field in the second quarter racking up 35 points. At the half the dawgs led 41 to 0.

In the second half, the Bengals destroyed the potential for a shutout by putting 7 points on the board. ISU quarterback Kyle Morris threw a touchdown pass to receiver Tavoy Moore to give the Bengals their only score of the game.

UGA quarterback, Aaron Murray, completed 19 of 27 passes for 228 yards and 3 touchdowns while phenom, A.J. Green, had six catches for 103 yards.

The Dawgs obliterated the Benagls with a final score of 55 to 7 bringing UGA’s season record to 5-5.

Students Offended by Lack of Propriety

As much of the student body already knows, the 2009-2010 yearbooks have made their way to our lovely fall campus and the general overview of the student population is one of general dislike. ” They’re terrible,” one sophmore said, “they’ve left out the hall of 3C men!”

Among the numerous complaints from the student body, one evolves the lack of underclassmen pictures within the yearbook. Less than half of students are represented. Another complaint is that the school’s golf team was omitted. However, the biggest objection heard throughout campus was the lack of recognition of students who were in the yearbook, especially two drama players in a photograph. Both were labeled as “unknown,” when clearly their names are Mike Kowalski and Philip Himbrook.

Most of the students on campus are outraged at the lack of quality that clearly went into the design and detail work of the yearbook. One junior said, “they suck, part of our tuition money went to paying for those?”

It’s comments like these from many of the students on campus that beg the questions: what were the editors of the yearbook doing last year and will next year’s be better?

What Really Matters…?

Dwelling over the question that haunts every man and woman at some point in the course of their lives, I cannot help but think of all of the people that have given explanations to what really matters.

 Kid Cudi said that being real is what matters. Dustin Kensrue sang that it is a hard headed woman. Christ told his people that it is relationship with the Father. My grandmother told me, when I was a child, that following your heart and remembering family is what counts.

Who is right? Who has it all figured out? Who knows what really matters?

Maybe what is vital is the struggle with the question. Maybe what counts is the moment in time in which you find yourself; in college, in your late teens or early twenties, searching for something substantial, whether that is Christ or something else.

Could it be that what is significant is the choice to find out what is significant in your life? Maybe what really matters isn’t the answer to the question, because the answer has already been answered. Perhaps what really matters is the struggle, wrestling with the question. For it’s in the brawling people truly find what it is that’s important.

As followers of Jesus, Christians adhere to this liberation that Christ offers, from a sinful condition and from a life of separation from the Most High. Paul has written, in Romans 8, that the only “boundary” before us, the boundary for who we choose to be or what we choose to do, is our pursuit of Him. If this is the case, then what is important? If our only boundary is the pursuit of Christ, the quest of becoming Christ-like, what is actually relevant in this life? We are all intelligent enough to understand that it is not the clothes, money, cars or whatever is popping into our heads as reading this. I wonder, however, if we are intelligent enough to realize it is not the level of education one attains, or the type of descriptive language that one uses. The fact of the matter is, if pursuing Jesus is our only boundary, then everything else that matters, whatever it may be, hinges on that pursuit. Perhaps the answer could be, whatever really matters to us is what matters as long as that which matters is bound in that pursuit.


Eagles Take the Win and Homecoming Queen Crowned

For those who were not at the alumni game and crowning of the homecoming queen this past Friday, they can consider themselves unfortunate, because it was a heck of a night!

The game itself was taut with back and forth scoring by our Eagles and the alumni team. However, youth and vigor shown through and our Eagles took the win over alumni and the bragging rights for another year.

After the game, the mood altered to one of royalty and majesty. It could only be the 2010 homecoming crowning. Escorted by either family or friends, the homecoming ladies looked beautiful.

First out was last year’s queen, Meghan Pasquariello, who was then followed by the homecoming class representatives. Representing the freshman class was Katherine Borderud, for the sophomores was Amanda Ferrell, and for the juniors was Suzanne Plyler. Afterwards, the senior nominees for homecoming queen took the stage: Alyse Walker, Emily Land, Leeann Peppers and Jesy Cordle.

After a few technical difficulties, the winner was announced; this year’s homecoming queen is Leeann Peppers! With a look of genuine surprise, Peppers was crowned and a copious amount of photos were taken of her and the others who were a part of homecoming court.

It was a memorable night for those present and a great start to the Homecoming weekend!

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