It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

… With the students jingle belling and
Everyone telling you “Break’s almost here!”
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Student’s schedules are only getting busier near the end of the semester with Christmas parties, dorm sleepovers, and most importantly, all nighters for decking out halls for the Christmas hall decorating competition.  For freshman girls, this week will be the busiest week of the year because of this competition. The battle is between Fant and Letourneau and only one hall can win. Past winners decorated their halls with the themes of Candy Land, Christmas at the Movies, Gingerbread Village, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The winners will be announced Monday, November 29 after the Christmas Extravaganza on Earl Field. Starting at 7:00 p.m., there will be an open dorm and all faculty, staff… and yes, guys will be allowed to see what the girls  have worked so hard on too.

Be on the lookout for all of the Christmas festivities and keep it up girls!!!

Ten little soldier boys went out to dine…

Ten little soldier boys went out to dine; One choked his little self, and then there were nine…

The weekend guests at Soldier Island arrived and started to settle in right when a dark, thundering voice coming from a gramophone in another room lists the horrendous offences of each guest and hints at their looming fate.

Each was dumbfounded as to where the voice came from and who sent them to the island. The story got even more interesting when the characters discover there’s no way off the mysterious island. The performance was a non-stop thrill as each character was murdered in the exact pattern of the nursery rhyme Ten Little Soldier Boys.

The audience was biting their nails at the last scene as Vera Claythorne, played by Naomi Ramsay, stood alone on stage– the last one alive.

Gasps across the whole auditorium could be heard as Judge Laurence Wargrave (Travis Graham), whom everyone thought was dead, walked across the stage coolley in his silk robe carelessly swinging a noose in his hand.

“Silence in the court!… I can’t spoil my lovely rhyme. My ten little soldier boys. You’re the last one. One little soldier boy left all alone. He went and hanged himself and then there were none. I must have my hanging—my hanging–.”

Just then Vera’s love interest Phillip Lombard (Anthony Moore), who turned out to be merely wounded, gets up and kills the mad judge and ends the weekend nightmare once and for all.

Don’t miss the Drama Club’s next bone-chilling performance next Friday at the first Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. Time and location are to be announced.

Ministry Arts Chapel

Beauty is the infinite presented in the finite.

There is something arresting about beauty.

When we see it in something- a sunset, a friend, a painting- it stops us in our tracks and makes us believe that our existence isn’t as mundane as we thought it was.

True beauty is full of power.

Maybe it’s because in the moment we experience it we get a glimpse of something altogether greater than us- something we can’t understand, but something we were created to behold.

This something is the essence of everything good, loving, and mighty. This something reflects none other than the God of the universe. So it makes sense that we create beautiful things, doesn’t it?

Monday, November 8, 2010 students will get the chance to worship through the creative arts in the first Ministry Arts Chapel.

Students will perform original songs, recite poetry, and paint expressions of their faith on stage. There will also be original paintings, drawings, photography, and sculptures by faculty, staff and students on display in the lobby.

Come support those participating and catch a glimpse of the beauty of God.

The beauty of lattes and colors

Sitting on the sunny porch of the Big A coffee shop, I feel a chill in the breeze. I look around me and see bright oranges and yellows and deep reds instead of the usual spring greens. The world around me is slowly approaching the death of winter, but in the process, is becoming more brilliant than ever.

There’s something deeply beautiful about that.

In this short transition season, we enjoy the vivid colors of the trees, cool weather, and warm pumpkin pie latte,s and we don’t even think about the death in all of it.

I think that’s what makes this season my favorite. It’s not the apple cider and butternut squash—it’s the hopeful paradox of beauty and death.

The flowers and trees know that the death of winter is coming, but instead of solemnly creeping along in their existence until then, they burst into vivid glory and live their last days in brilliance.

In these last days of nature, I am surrounded by the call to live vibrantly through the times in my life that feel like they’re approaching a sort of death. My walks to class remind me that God makes my life colorful and breathtaking even when all I can see is lifelessness and all I can feel is coldness.

Through this season, I’m learning that these darker times in my life are the perfectly crafted moments where He chooses to make my life colorful and comforting—if only I decide to notice it.

This fall may you see all of God’s brilliant colors around you.

Don’t miss all the fall events going on around campus and in the community!

  • Hayride/ Fall Festival- Oct. 29th
  • Mystery Dinner Theater- Oct. 29th 8:00 p.m., Gate Cottage
  • Trunk or Treat- TBA
  • Harvest Festival in Toccoa- Nov. 6-7th
  • “And Then There Were None”- Nov. 7-8th

Candy, Floats …and Journey?

When you were sleeping in last Saturday morning, you might have been awakened by the noise of children laughing and 80’s classic music pounding in car speakers… That was the TFC annual homecoming parade!

Students from the drama club, paradise mountain ministries, married student association, and tons of other groups worked on their floats all week and stocked up on enough candy for kids to snack on for months!

One float in particular that stole the attention from graduates was the senior class float “Last of the 80’s.” As the last generation born in the “awesome 80s,” they rocked out to the classic song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey and wore neon, side ponies, and cool shades.

Other crowd favorites were the Outdoor Club’s horse and buggie float, the Hmong Student Fellowship’s walking dragon, the Pre-Med Club’s operating room float, and the Junior class float “Big Kids on the Block.”

The kids also got to wave to the beautiful homecoming court ladies and the queen herself, Leann Peppers, as she rode by in a red convertible.

When the parade was over the kids ran all over the streets and collected more candy than they could handle. The morning was definitely one of the most exciting parts of the homecoming weekend.

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