Change Overruled

On Tuesday Nov.2, many Americans exercised their right as United States citizens to vote.  Since President Barak Obama and his cabinet have been in office, many conservatives have been frustrated with the direction that the new administration has been heading toward and has clearly indicated their dislike, especially regarding the slump in economy, health care reform, rate of unemployment, and lack of interest in education.

For the first time ever in Congressional history, the House of Representatives have a huge majority that favors one party. This means that many Democrat incumbents lost their seat to the Republican Party with a margin of 239 Republicans to 187 Democrats.

In the Senate, however, the Democrats hold the majority, but not the level of which they had before the mid-term elections. “I think the message was not well delivered,” Obama said, as he attempted to answer questions from the press on his reaction to American voters. Many of those who are a part of the conservative party dislike his policies and lack of progress when it comes to issues in which they (America citizens) are concerned. Voting all of those, who stand by him and his concept of change, out of office should be clear enough.

Even some TFC students participated in the elections, such as Sophomore Craig Salmon, who is from Monticello, GA admitted to being excited about being able to vote and drop off his absent tee ballet.

However, there are others who did not vote. “To be honest, I am not really into the politics thing, at least not yet” said freshman Ethan Mullenax. “I just turned 17.”

Other students didn’t vote, not because of age, but because they simply aren’t interested. “I don’t really care that much. When the ‘right’ person comes, then I’ll vote, but there’s no point this time around,” says one student. “I don’t like the choice of voting for the better of two evils”.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion or vote, the majority has spoken and has sent a clear warning to the new congressmen. The public is not afraid to vote them out for someone they feel will better represent them.

Lady Eagles History in the Making

Never before has Toccoa Falls College women’s soccer team won a championship. Although the Lady Eagles are ranked fourth in the nation (NCCAA), and last year, they made the national tournament on an end of season bid; they left the South Regional Championship Tournament in second place.

With a rocky start of their 2010 season, as the Lady Eagles went up against ACC and Clearwater in the regionals, TFC didn’t know what to expect. The regionals took place on TFC campus, where the Lady eagles played with plenty of heart. Against ACC, the game went into overtime, with both teams tied 0-0. With the help of Anna Long, Ashley Ziegler, and Callie Richardson, the Eagles, clinched their spots with penalty kicks as the fans ran on the field with excitement. It caused for an even more thrilling game against Clearwater. Although it was a rough outing against their opponent, Lady Eagles took the win…

It has been a well fought season for the Eagles women’s soccer team, and for the first time in the school’s one hundred year history, our ladies have won a women’s soccer regionals. Therefore, as they go into the Nationals, they have a chance to make history and win the Nation Championship. Proud fans, who are awaiting the Lady Eagles to come home next week as National champions, want to say, “Good luck ladies!”

Friday at the Falls

Campus preview, during the spring, is a highly known event for TFC because of prospective students visiting the campus. This past Thursday and Friday, however, TFC held Friday at the Falls, where office of Admissions organized another time when students can tour the school.  

Prospective students toured the campus, trying to figure out if this school is where they felt called to pursue their extended and undergrad studies. The dorms opened their doors for to prospective students, as well as to parents in order to check out the campus atmosphere. During the event, though, there were also plenty of activities to entertain the visitors. They took part in marshmallow roasting, campus tours, special chapels, and sitting-in on classes. There was even financial aid seminars for parents.

One reason for Friday at the Falls is because most high school students make their undergraduate school decision by December or early January. Another reason, however, is that TFC is hoping Friday at the Falls will give the school a competing chance at fixing its low enrollment rate.  Although a high success rate is needed, big activities won’t necessarily get the job done.  Enrolled students need to spend time with the prospective students in the dorm and show them what campus life is really like.

Night of Music

“It is well, it is well, with my soul,” the men’s choir sang, as they received a loud acclamation from the audience at the Homecoming concert. Saturday night, the music department along with a handful of alumni put together a spectacle for the alumni and students. The concert included the concert band, jazz band, ladies choir, college choir and small ensembles. The most meaningful aspect of the concert, however, was the willingness of the music department to allow several of its alumni to perform in the concert as well. “The night was wonderful,” said Dennis Walker, who attended the concert. “[They] were so amazing.”

Students Run 5K

On Saturday mornings, many people are sleeping. There are some who may go to work, but rarely do people wake up early in the morning to run 3.1 miles. This past Saturday, however, while the grass was still glistening from morning dew and the fog was just beginning to settle, a group of 15, including alumni, teachers and students met at the bell for a morning run with TFCs cross-country runners.

Leading the group at 8 a.m. was Jeremiah Mcduffie. For the most part, the course was simple. They started by the bell and headed down the hill towards the eagle. The confusing part was when they began to go through the wooded area near the Christian Education building, and then pass the flood plains.  To help guide, however, there were arrows on the ground and people to direct the runners until they reached the finish line by the bell.

At the end of the race, the runners were pleased to be able to endure the race, as well as spend time with one another.

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