What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Pumpkin Pi, which is one thing students who went to the SGA’s Fall Festival did not get. However the wonderful Jaemor Farms, where this year’s TFC Fall Festival was held, provided plenty of other activities and food for TFC students to enjoy. Students dressed in large coats, hats and scarves, and drove about 30 minutes from the college to arrive at a large pavilion where they gathered together to celebrate the autumn season.

By the time students arrived in Alto, Georgia, the sun had already set and the air was bitterly cold. To make themselves warmer many students took the bold move to undergo the corn maze. The 8 acre maze of corn stalks in the shape of a tractor was definitely the main attraction to TFC students. The brownish brittle stalks made a large barrier of circles that took minutes to hours to untangle through. Making it even more difficult was the fact that the only light came from two large light poles and the small glow of smart phones. The ground was dirt with large hole and ditches that were not visible in the dark; however the darkness did let the sky’s stars glow with magnificence. Though being in the corn maze was entertaining and fun, nothing was more exciting than seeing the finish line.

After the students finished the maze, many stood in line waiting for their hot chocolate; while others took to the hayrides to learn about the wonderful and many fruits and vegetables that grow within the 300 acre farm. The apple canon was another favorite of students. Apples were shoved into a small plastic canon and were shot towards an old abandoned school bus. Students also took part in the duck race and the giant slide.

Fall Festival was full of fun and laughter for TFC students. A special thanks for Jaemor Farms who did an excellent job with hosting the festival; as well as SGA who did a great job at organizing the event. It was a great and beautiful night to fellowship with fellow classmates and friends, despite the coldness and no pumpkin pie.

“If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You can Dodge a Ball”

What is more exciting than staying out past curfew? Staying out past curfew and watching fellow TFCers get pelted with flying dodgeballs sounded pretty exhilarating to those who came out on Thursday night to participate in or watch the Eagles After Dark: Dodgeball Tournament.

Hosted by TFC’s Intramurals, students signed up and paid a whole $2 to participate in the actual game of dodgeball. Teams came together with the most extreme and creative names and outfits. One team’s name “Beware of the Hat” hilariously ridicules last year’s Dodgeball Tournament. The team “The Cosby Show” rocked out sweaters to commemorate the well-known and once popular television show. Other teams showed team spirit by showing just a little too much in their extra small shorts and the classic “wife beater”.

Looking past the distracting attire of the players, anyone could see the sweat and tears of the players who were vying for the title 2013-2014 Intramural Dodgeball Champions. Hurling the dodge balls as hard as they could, some players dodged the colorful spheres of pain and face planted on the court of the gymnasium, while other players sat in the chairs of defeat after being brutally hit. The crowd watched all this chaos as two dodgeball games happened simultaneously. However, the crowd was far from safe of the chaos on the court due to the flying dodge balls reaching the stands and plummeting the highly cheerful spectators.

Out of the chaos and insanity of course arose the winners of the Dodgeball Tournament. The semi-finals consisted of the previously mentioned team “Beware of the Hats” and a baseball dominated team “The Zoo House.” “The Zoo House” defeated their opponents and made their way to the finals yet to be defeated. The highly anticipated finale was an animal showdown against the baseball player dominated teams “The Zoo House” and “The Raging Raccoons.” The end resulted in “The Zoo House” trampling over their nocturnal friends to claim the title as the undefeated 2013-2014 Dodgeball Tournament Champions.

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Food, Fun, and Tennis

Love, Set, Match… just some of the words that you would have heard on the tennis courts at the Henderson Falls Park Cookout and Tennis Tournament.  For a while students have been wanting such an event and on October 5th 2013, some of our tennis lovers’ dreams came true.  SGA’s Social Life team planned this event with three divisions in the tournament: men’s singles, women’s singles, and doubles.  While each player tirelessly worked to gain a spot in the finals, spectators cheered for friends, significant others, and classmates.  If one did not participate in the tournament there were other activities to take part in. These activities included: the much loved and often played corn hole; a recent addition to the TFC repertoire  -Kan Jam; exploring the nature at Henderson Falls Park; eating cookout food and drinking vanilla Coke; listening to chill music; and making memories with groups of friends.

There were three divisions of this tournament happening simultaneously on this bright Saturday afternoon.  Johnny Miller, TFC’s intramural sports director, was very excited about the turnout for the tournament because when sign ups began not many people signed-up, but as the deadline got closer people filled the slots.  His only wish for the event was that more women signed up for the single’s portion.  He’s excited for the other upcoming tournaments such as dodgeball, Spike ball, and 3-on-3 basketball. After many rounds and almost four hours the tournament came to a close.  Josh Castner and Esther Perisho came out to win the singles’ divisions of the tournament. Esther Perisho was also half of the winning team for the doubles division along with David Moorman.  Overall, the tennis portion of the event was a success!

Tennis wasn’t the only competition going on; Kan Jam and corn hole were played recreationally.  Kan Jam seems to be a new favorite at TFC; it has appeared at many of the events this year including the welcome ice cream social, Forrest open dorm ,and now the Henderson Falls cookout.  Cornhole is a classic southern game that was enjoyed by many of the students and sometimes the boards were used as miniature jungle gyms for the little ones that attended the event.

You can’t have a cookout without the classic cook out food. Matthew Thorpe was on the grill, making sure the hamburgers and hot dogs were cooked to perfection before handing them off to the savages otherwise known as college students.  There was a rare treat of Vanilla Coke as one of the beverages, which is a personal favorite.  Hannah Spotswood, a Junior here at TFC, described the food as yummy.

If none of these activities appealed to you then maybe just enjoying life in God’s creation with close friends and music in the background is your kind of scene.   Scattered across the park were groups of TFC students sitting in clusters laughing and talking with each other and enjoying the perfectly good weather.  In the background played an array of good music such as Mumford and Sons, The Fray, Ben Rector, Civil Wars and Lecrae. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music selection until Glee came on… that was changed quickly to something of a higher quality.  Student Kinsey Whittet, a Sophomore, said that the good music playing was all that mattered.  Some students wandered away from the activities and explored some of the quiet nature of Henderson Falls by walking in the park or goofing off in the waterfall.

After the day of fun the event started to die down around 5pm, but the tournament did not end until almost 7:30. When asked about the event, Jorge Gonzalez and Preston Kitchings, both members of the Social Life committee, said that event went well.  “On a scale from one to ten, it’s a ten and the work was worth it.” We have a good, hardworking team for SGA’s Social Life this year and we can not wait to see what they have planned for the rest of the year. Deuces.

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