Fant Open Dorm

By Ashley Lightfoot and Sable Newton

     Anticipation was buzzing through the minds of every Toccoa Falls student on the afternoon of before Fant Open Dorm

     Everyone was excited for the sun to go down, signifying the beginning of the Fant Open Dorm festivities. Open Dorm comes only once a semester (three times if you count each dorm individually), so when it does finally roll around to that time, everyone is excited to see what the host dorm has in store.

     As usual, the ladies of Fant did not let us down. A night of high-flying, rambunctious entertainment was prepared, beginning before one even walked through the lobby doors. Needless to say, Fant’s free milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard. From twenty feet away you could smell the fire pits and the smoke and potatoes being roasted on kabobs, and once you got through the doors it just kept getting better.

     In the lobby there were milkshakes of three assorted flavors, and tables set up for the Open Mic taking place later that night. We all know that there is plenty of talent going around here at TFC and our campus can definitely show talent!

     Once you entered the residence section of the dorm, 1st floor had tables set up for Fanta Pong (a Fant Open Dorm tradition), and one of the other halls was rumored to have a spectacular photo booth set up. Music blared down every hallway and smiling faces of guests and residents crowded in for a night full of fellowship and clean, fun entertainment with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

     But do not worry, if you are one who tends to cower at the thought of hallways crowded with members of the opposite sex, the Fant ladies planned something with you in mind as well! If you got burnt out quickly on the hall shenanigans, then you could make your way down to the basement lounge where there was fresh, homemade popcorn and an exclusive showing of the classic musical Grease.

     The Fant leadership really outdid themselves this year—this was their best Open Dorm yet!

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