Woerner Mission Lecture Series

The speaker at this year’s Woerner Missions Lecture Series was Jeff Adams. The senior pastor of Kansas City’s beloved Graceway church for over twenty years, Jeff spends his days ministering to the people of his congregation and the surrounding community in English and Spanish alike. It was a high privilege to have him come and speak for this year’s lecture series.

Jeff Adams likes to make people uncomfortable. His lecture series made students squirm in their seats as he challenged not only their assumptions about Christianity and the ways in which Christians attempt to spread the gospel, but tackled issues closer to the heart as well: our convictions and dreams.

Jeff suggested that perhaps one’s lifelong dreams of planting a church or of producing a worship album often come out of generic, Christian-y trends, instead of, as we would hope, out of hearing from God.

Many people can stomach having their view of Christianity as a whole challenged, but how does a campus of students on fire for God and His plans for their life react to someone who says that maybe they have not heard the voice of God in the same ways that they had assumed?

The students of Toccoa Falls College never fail to amaze. These five challenging, convicting messages have been received campus-wide with a gracious, humble spirit and a genuine eagerness to learn. Each morning and evening session has been filled with students hungry for more of God, wanting desperately to hear how we can do better at fulfilling Christ’s command of carrying His truth to the ends of the world. Sometimes hearing the truth hurts, and this time was no exception as students learned the ways in which we so often fail in spreading the gospel and what the Church needs to do to fix this problem.

The Talon staff would like to warmly thank Jeff Adams for the conviction and revival he brought to the student body this year as he showed us the many improvements still to be made in our view of missions.

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