What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Pumpkin Pi, which is one thing students who went to the SGA’s Fall Festival did not get. However the wonderful Jaemor Farms, where this year’s TFC Fall Festival was held, provided plenty of other activities and food for TFC students to enjoy. Students dressed in large coats, hats and scarves, and drove about 30 minutes from the college to arrive at a large pavilion where they gathered together to celebrate the autumn season.

By the time students arrived in Alto, Georgia, the sun had already set and the air was bitterly cold. To make themselves warmer many students took the bold move to undergo the corn maze. The 8 acre maze of corn stalks in the shape of a tractor was definitely the main attraction to TFC students. The brownish brittle stalks made a large barrier of circles that took minutes to hours to untangle through. Making it even more difficult was the fact that the only light came from two large light poles and the small glow of smart phones. The ground was dirt with large hole and ditches that were not visible in the dark; however the darkness did let the sky’s stars glow with magnificence. Though being in the corn maze was entertaining and fun, nothing was more exciting than seeing the finish line.

After the students finished the maze, many stood in line waiting for their hot chocolate; while others took to the hayrides to learn about the wonderful and many fruits and vegetables that grow within the 300 acre farm. The apple canon was another favorite of students. Apples were shoved into a small plastic canon and were shot towards an old abandoned school bus. Students also took part in the duck race and the giant slide.

Fall Festival was full of fun and laughter for TFC students. A special thanks for Jaemor Farms who did an excellent job with hosting the festival; as well as SGA who did a great job at organizing the event. It was a great and beautiful night to fellowship with fellow classmates and friends, despite the coldness and no pumpkin pie.