Thanksgiving Festivities: How to Get Involved

It is that time of year. The leaves are finally falling off the trees, nights are getting cooler, and the fireplace is being used again. But the most important announcement of this time of year is that Thanksgiving is coming.

Turkeys are being roasted in the oven or fried (southerners cook it this way) as families and friends are gathering to visit other family members they often do not see. This is a time to cherish many memories, and make new ones as well. Many college students head home for this holiday. However, there are many students that might not be as fortunate to head home for Thanksgiving, for any particular reason. No one should miss out on this special holiday, so let the following ideas enlighten all who are currently at a loss in ideas for  how Thanksgiving should be spent.

If you are currently with no way to get home, a suggestion is to find a way to go somewhere for Thanksgiving. You do not necessarily need to stay on campus during Thanksgiving. The goal of this holiday is to enjoy fellowship among one another, and give thanks to our God as a community. If you have a roommate or a friend that is heading home for Thanksgiving, ask if you can tag along. Some families will welcome you with open arms, while some may politely decline because they want Thanksgiving dinner restricted to family members only. If the latter does happen, ask  a staff member here at Toccoa Falls College whom you have a relationship with if you could join them. They may not automatically say yes, but there might be professors or faculty here at Toccoa Falls College that are willing to have you partake with them in their Thanksgiving dinner.

If these ideas do not pan out, there is a final and possible option that you may strive for.  Ask around and find others who are staying for Thanksgiving break, and pool your money together to pay towards a good Thanksgiving meal between you all. You can make your own community Thanksgiving meal for those unable to travel home this holiday. If all of these ideas do not work, have the Thanksgiving meal at the cafeteria if you so choose.

Remember, do not be a hermit for this holiday and enjoy the fellowship you are able to have with one another whether it will be with family members or just your peers. God has created us to be relational and be with each other as a community and this holiday is a way in which we can practice it.