TFC Men’s Soccer Head to Regions

The men’s soccer team here at TFC has been competitive in the postseason over the last couple of years, and Head Coach Rob Worsley sees no reason why that should change this season. His team is 7-13-2 overall, and while their record in the region may not look like much, the team has been in every region game they have played and have had a chance to win. Worsley is looking to head into the region tournament with some momentum.

The men’s team this year has 26 players on the roster, including nine players who are either new to the team or who have never played before. Worsley has been pleased with the depth that this team has, and despite over a third of the team being new, believes that the team has great chemistry and that the new players are fitting in well.

One of the things that has helped the Eagles this season is that they have more versatility in years past. They have several guys who are adept at playing more than one position, which allows the team to shift the roster around in order to formulate better game plans against their opponents. Also, the team has really developed a good soccer I.Q., helping them to be able to react and change their approach while they are in the game.

Some of the changes that the team has gone through this year can be credited to a new system of core values that all of the guys have bought into. Worsley and his staff have come up with six core values that they believe will help develop their players both on and off the field, and here is a short summary of each one:

1)      We Value Honoring God

2)      We Value Excellence

3)      We Value Commitment to the Team

4)      We Value Each Member of the Team

5)      We Value the History of TFC Soccer and All Those Who have Contributed to It.

6)      We Value Being Positive Influential Members of the TFC Campus

Worsley believes that by holding to these, it will help focus and define what the team wants to accomplish. It has helped the team play with class and character all season long, which is one of the reasons why they only have four yellow cards, and is also influencing what they do off the field, as the team has had the opportunity to go into the community and do a couple of service projects this year.

It should be another exciting regional tournament for the Eagle’s this year, as they look to repeat their success from last year in winning first place and earning their way to Nationals. Worsley believes that as long as his team eliminates the unforced errors that have cost them some games, and play with the intensity and focus that they have had all year, that this team has a chance to achieve their goal, and advance past the regional tournament yet again.