Katy Perry’s Prism: an album review

Prism: often thought as an object that takes one ray of white light and shatters it into all the colors of the spectrum.

A prism is what Katy Perry wanted to reflect in her new album, according to Ryan Seacrest’s website. She wanted to show different sides of herself.  The party girl from “Last Friday Night” is still evident, but Perry’s vulnerable quality bursts forth in her new songs. Prism showcases the full range of Perry’s character, from the party girl persona to the lover and the fighter.

The Party Girl

Katy Perry is known for her songs that have a partying lifestyle as the focus of their lyrics. Earlier songs that fit this category are “Last Friday Night”, “Teenage Dream”, “California Girls” and others.  These songs have fast beats, catchy lyrics, and a feeling of escape from reality.  If this is the style of Katy Perry’s music that you love, listen to her new songs “This is How We Do”, “Dark Horse”, “Legendary Lovers”, “Birthday”, “Walking on Air”, and “International  Smile”. These new songs are the dance and sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-while-you-clean-your-room type of songs. The feelings that these songs suggest influence from songs of the eighties. Electronica and techno genres are present, while also using rock sounds.

The Lover

Katy Perry’s love life has constantly been in the media, especially her romance and then divorce to actor Russell Brand.  Despite being heartbroken, this album shows that she can, and is, still able to love herself and others.  Her third single off the album, “Unconditional”, is a beautiful song that talks about acceptance and love, even with insecurities and “dirty laundry”. If the listener did not realize that Katy Perry was the artist, then they might assume that “Unconditional Love” was a “Christian” song because of the lyrics, maybe written by Britt Nicole or Hillsong. “Love Me”  shows the battle of loving yourself; and so, dealing with the insecurities of loving yourself and believing that others love you too.  Both of these songs are gentle but powerful, it goes to show the contradictions of love and what it can do to the soul.

The Fighter

Katy Perry has been one of the artists in the pop culture world who use her fame to inspire and encourage her fans. She uses her personal stories to create songs that listeners will be able to relate to. Prism explores more of this vulnerability than her previous albums. Although the songs show vulnerability, they also show the part of being a survivor and learning from situations that hurt one’s heart.  These new songs are similar to her older song “Pearl”.  These songs have a positive feel and the tempos rise and fall according to the content of the song. “By the Grace of God” starts out slower and evokes deep emotion but at the songs’ chorus it builds to go along with the lyrics of victory. Her first single of this album, “Roar”, is all about overcoming. It has strong beats and Katy unleashes her powerful voice to show that this is not about backing down.

This is just highlight of ten songs of her sixteen song track list. Katy Perry has certainly grown as an artist and as a person from her first album. She still has an eccentric party self  that her fans have come to know and love. Now she is showing us that there is more to Katy Perry than that, she is a lover and a fighter.  She is showing listeners the facets and the true colors of who she has become. This album is her Prism.

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