“If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You can Dodge a Ball”

What is more exciting than staying out past curfew? Staying out past curfew and watching fellow TFCers get pelted with flying dodgeballs sounded pretty exhilarating to those who came out on Thursday night to participate in or watch the Eagles After Dark: Dodgeball Tournament.

Hosted by TFC’s Intramurals, students signed up and paid a whole $2 to participate in the actual game of dodgeball. Teams came together with the most extreme and creative names and outfits. One team’s name “Beware of the Hat” hilariously ridicules last year’s Dodgeball Tournament. The team “The Cosby Show” rocked out sweaters to commemorate the well-known and once popular television show. Other teams showed team spirit by showing just a little too much in their extra small shorts and the classic “wife beater”.

Looking past the distracting attire of the players, anyone could see the sweat and tears of the players who were vying for the title 2013-2014 Intramural Dodgeball Champions. Hurling the dodge balls as hard as they could, some players dodged the colorful spheres of pain and face planted on the court of the gymnasium, while other players sat in the chairs of defeat after being brutally hit. The crowd watched all this chaos as two dodgeball games happened simultaneously. However, the crowd was far from safe of the chaos on the court due to the flying dodge balls reaching the stands and plummeting the highly cheerful spectators.

Out of the chaos and insanity of course arose the winners of the Dodgeball Tournament. The semi-finals consisted of the previously mentioned team “Beware of the Hats” and a baseball dominated team “The Zoo House.” “The Zoo House” defeated their opponents and made their way to the finals yet to be defeated. The highly anticipated finale was an animal showdown against the baseball player dominated teams “The Zoo House” and “The Raging Raccoons.” The end resulted in “The Zoo House” trampling over their nocturnal friends to claim the title as the undefeated 2013-2014 Dodgeball Tournament Champions.

Image credit: Bing images