Recap Homecoming 2013: The Eagle Invitational

This past Saturday, many women’s and men’s cross country teams from surrounding colleges participated in The Eagle Invitational.  The race took place during TFC’s homecoming weekend. Watching the many participants run the challenging 5k(3.1 mi) and 8k(4.97 mi) courses made me reflect upon the days when I ran cross country as a sport. I’ll have to say that this past Saturday, on October 12th, was a beautiful day to compete in the sport. It was not too cold nor too hot, and the atmosphere of crossing the finish line at Toccoa Falls was remarkable. If you did not come out and support our Eagles, you really missed out on an amazing time!

The women raced first and afterwards I was able to interview a few tired, wonderful ladies.

Crystal Hankin, a Senior runner, informed me that this year Toccoa Falls College modified their usual cross country course.
“They wanted to make it faster for everyone so that teams would want to come back, and there’s talk that they would possibly try to host Nationals here.”

Jodi Braselton, a Senior runner, added,
“Yeah, this course is flatter and nicer to run. It’s definitely faster but I miss the old course, too. It was more scenic, but the race was longer because of all the hills.”

I also got to interview a first-time cross country runner, Jessica Roe.
“I’m just so happy I finished. I’ve been training for three weeks and I really love running. It helps keep me in shape and it’s peaceful.”

After the boys finished their race, I was able to interview freshman, Mitchell Thompson.
“This is my third cross country race with TFC. It’s the first season that I have participated in cross country, but I love it. I just walked on to the team to stay in shape, so I encourage others to come out next year if they like to run. There’s a lot of fun involved, a lot of hard work, and a lot of great people on this team.”

Clessie Kendrick, the woman’s team coach, came in fifth overall out of all the girls running. . The first young man to cross the finish line for TFC was Alex Runyans, in 29th place. TFC’s women’s team placed 3rd and the men’s team placed 5th at the Invitational. TFC’s men and women teams did well this past Saturday and have qualified for Nationals in mid-November. If you missed out this past weekend, don’t worry! You can catch the cross country Eagles soaring again, at home, on November 2nd at 10:00am. Go Eagles!!!