TFC Volleyball Season Winding Down, Team Heading into Regionals

It has been a long season for coach Selina Slate and the Women’s Volleyball team here at Toccoa Falls College.

The girls have already played over 23 matches, and are fast approaching the region tournament. The team consists of 11 players, five whom have never played before at the collegiate level, and Coach Slate is excited about the way her team has performed so far. Even though the Lady Eagle’s have an overall record of 5-18, with a majority of their losses coming to bigger, scholarship schools, they have won when it matters most, going 5-2 in region play. The team is looking to build upon their success within the region, and take that momentum into the final two weeks of the season.

One of the reasons why the Lady Eagle’s have been able to consistently perform well and maintain a positive attitude derives from the team’s philosophy. In talking to Coach Slate, she broke this philosophy down into four main points, which are based off of Philippians 4:13 and Romans 12:3-5:

1. Represent Christ everywhere we go.

2. Every day strive to demonstrate selflessness, unconditional love and understanding.

3. Don’t be content with where you are as a volleyball player and teammate.  Work hard and give your all every time you step foot on the court no matter what.  Do this and your skills will improve individually and as a team.

4. Every player on the team is considered a “Captain”.  Every player is responsible for and expected to lead, follow, listen, care, encourage, motivate, be motivated, communicate, work hard, respect others and be a good example to the rest of the team.”

Coach Slate fully believes that “if every player strives to follow this philosophy on a daily basis, that win or lose, the team is successful.”- Slate

One of the reasons why the Lady Eagle’s have had success this season is that they have worked hard on achieving the goals coach Slate has set for them. Their primary goal is to implement their team philosophy on a daily basis. The team does this by keeping Phil. 4:13 and Romans 12:3-5 in mind every time they take the court, meet for practice, come together as a team, and even when they are away from the game. The overall goal is that each member will become a better individual player so as to become a better team. One of the ways that Coach Slate has seen her team achieve this is by their improvement in blocking. Despite being undersized both in height and in number of players, the Lady Eagles are 18th in all of NCCAA Division II in blocking, showing the commitment of this team to become better.

The women’s volleyball team will be playing their final home match on Tuesday, Oct. 29th at 7 p.m. against Spartanburg Methodist, and it will also serve as the team’s senior night. The regional tournament will take place Oct. 31st-Nov. 2nd  in Tampa, Florida.