Grenade toss, anyone?

Grenade toss anyone?

This is something you may have participated in it at the 2013 Currahee Military Weekend.

The event began on Thursday, October 3rd with visitors to Toccoa registering for accommodations, a BBQ, Schaefer Center musical tribute, Hanger Dance, Book signing and banquet if they chose which was arranged by the Stephens County Historical Society.

Saturday morning began with the 7am Currahee Challenge Run/Walk. The 6 mile total course proceeds up the side of Toccoa’s famous landmark, Mt. Currahee. Throughout the day various residents Toccoa sponsored events ranging from historical documentary to parachute drops and helicopter rides at the Toccoa-Stephens County airport.

The events concluded on Sunday, October 6th with an 8:30am remembrance service at the memorial on Currahee Mountain.

An interview with Ethan Weiser, a resident of Toccoa and a High School JROTC student, answered questions concerning the weekend.

M.W: Hello Ethan, how many years have you attended the Currahee Military weekend events?
E.W.: I have been coming for 3 years, and I have been in the parade. This year I was parade commander.
M.W.: That’s great Ethan! What events did you attend this year?
E.W.: I participated in the reenactment. I had to buy a kit, to do the reenactment. It’s about $2000. I am buying it a little at a time. I also rode the Huey, a transport helicopter that was used in Vietnam and the Cobra, an attack helicopter from (used in) Vietnam. I marched in the parade as a guidon for Battalion HQ, which is a part of Stephens County High School JROTC.I did the flag raising ceremony for JROTC Sunday morning at the memorial Service (on Mt. Currahee).
M.W.: Have you talked to any of the veterans about running up Currahee mountain and their time at Camp Toccoa to train as paratroopers?
E.W.: Yes, one of the guys I talked to said he was never running that mountain again!
M.W: How did it feel to meet a World War 2 Veteran?
E.W.: Totally Awesome!
M.W.: How do you think Currahee Military weekend helps Toccoa?
E.W.:  Remembering what this town is about, the vets that trained here and the freedom to have the event in our town are important things to remember.
M.W.: What kind of impact does it have in  your life to be able to be a part of this event?
E.W.: I want to join the military to serve my country and protect the freedoms that my family, friend, and every citizen in America sometimes take for granted.

The Currahee Military Weekend is an informative and fun way for Toccoa Falls College students to become involved within the Stephens County community.

If  you would like to be a part of this event in 2014 please contact the Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce at 706-886-2132 or

Photo credits: Courtney Mealor