Fall Break: Making it Successful

It is that time of the semester that many are anticipating. People are trying to survive the anxiety of midterms and turning in last minute assignments that catch them by surprise. When a typical Toccoa Falls Student gets through this, they can relax and their anxiety level goes down. The light at the end of the tunnel has been reached; fall break is officially here.

During Fall break, the campus tends to get pretty empty. Many students decide to go home for the small break and sometimes bring their friends as well to come with them. There is a minority that does not though. These people that do not head home have few reasons as to why. Few of them are because their hometown is too far of a drive to even consider going for a few days, they have no ride to get home and back, or you just have no desire to go home whatsoever. They are stuck on campus with what appears as nothing to do. This is a false notion though. As a veteran in this life experience, there is so much to do. All it takes is a brain and a community of people that are willing to join you in some planned festivities.

Something to consider is potentially getting a group of people from your hall or terrace residence that stayed to form a movie night. I would prefer trying to do horror movie night considering it is October and Halloween is around the corner. Make sure to bring plenty of snacks and beverages to this. Another activity that you can do is go camping. We have such a big campus and lots of areas that are suitable for camping and are begging to be explored as well as enjoyed. Take an opportunity with your friends or by yourself to go out one evening and camp out. God created this Earth to be enjoyed. We should not take away or minimize the credibility of God’s great creation.

Last, but not least, try getting ahead with schoolwork. I know this does not seem to be anyone’s ideal break period, but you will be thankful putting some effort in getting ahead. Even though it is break, think of it as a break from regular routine of classes and other activities, and seek it as an opportunity to get ahead with much of your schoolwork (mainly your readings). You will not regret using your time wisely. You will be in the minority of students that will be further prepared for the remaining semester period. By the time the remaining students return from break to finish off the rest of the semester, they will be the ones crammed with work and you will have more time to relax and enjoy this semester stress free. Trust me when I say you will not regret this decision. This is someone who decided in-between breaks to get ahead with readings and chapter summaries (do they do these anymore?) and being less stressed and less busy. There was also less late nights doing schoolwork because of this and I was able to get the sleep I needed throughout the semester.

This is just a sample of ideas of what you can do to pass the time and enjoy your break here at TFC. Who knows, you might make those that went home jealous that next time around, they will stay here for break to experience the fun and productive time you had.

Image credit: Bing images