Student Missions Fellowship

If you haven’t heard of the Student Missions Fellowship (aka SMF), you’ve missed excellent opportunities to learn about what God is doing throughout the world with our own TFC students. I have attended meetings for SMF semi -consistently over the past few semesters, only to be blown away by the fact that reaching across cultures to other people in order to bear witness to the truth is actually a “doable” and realistic thing that actually does result in disciples of Christ—(yeah, a late and overdue realization, I know). The reason this realization came to me is that every week, SMF meets in order to have a speaking student intern (usually) give testimony to their overseas mission trips in which they spend a large part of their summer overseas in order to work with schools, orphanages, churches, families, etc., loving people and spreading the gospel where possible. These testimonies have opened my eyes to the fact that my experience of the world is very limited and ignorant (as if a philosophy major wasn’t enough).  As a result of my experience at SMF, I am excited to seize opportunities to participate in missionary work whenever I reasonably can during my life.

Alba Garrigo, the Vice President of SMF, was kind enough to answer a few questions I had, so I’m going to include some important information about SMF for those of you who want to know more. According to Garrigo, SMF is a club that has been around for over a hundred years at TFC. The purpose of SMF is to connect TFC students with what God is doing around the globe through weekly meetings, intern training,  praise and worship (which is sometimes in other languages, I might add), and inspiration from the intern testimonies.  Garrigo told me that SMF’s history at TFC has included sending student interns to basically every country for missions work, including countries with closed access (where missionaries aren’t exactly welcome, to say the least).

So, if you’re interested, you probably want to know how to get involved. Garrigo informed me of multiple ways that students can become involved in SMF: First, the club hosts weekly meetings every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 7:30 at the Woerner Missions Building. There is worship, prayer for missionaries and non-believers in foreign countries, and then a speaker (usually an intern testimony).  You should come. Second, SMF has a variety of leadership positions for students who want to be involved, such as President, Vice president, Treasurer, Worship Band Leader, and things of the sort. Third, you can become a student intern with SMF by having served at least six weeks overseas or by having plans to. Interns receive training sessions for their mission work plans that include education in fund-raising, languages, passport/visa work, spiritual warfare, teamwork, and other important topics.

Lastly, if you ever want to know what SMF is up to on Wednesdays, there are posters in the Woerner Missions Building and the Student center that will let you know which country is being represented by the weekly speaker. Come check it out!