New Leadership On Campus Ready To Take On Challenge

After a week of campaigning and the voting, we have our new SGA President and Vice-President for the 2013-2014 academic school year. Emily Ambrose is the president and Andrew Throne is the vice president. Both of them are very excited to serve Toccoa Falls College and are already in work mode to make next year be just as fantastic as this year has been.

I asked them what it was that gave them the desire to run for these two positions. Ambrose said she “has been involved with SGA the past two years with the experience of social life and vice-president and I want to continue what we have been doing and continue to build up new leaders.” Thorne gave his response in saying “This is my last year and I decided to stop playing baseball earlier because I wanted to get more involved with the campus as I have been this year and continue. I also want to use my marketing minor and business major for the benefit of the school. Also, to use this experience and what I am learning here to apply right away before I leave the school”.

I also asked their ideas and plans they had to help better the Toccoa Falls students’ experience here. “I want events to get involved with local businesses around the community of Toccoa. Do similar events such as going to midnight movie premiere at the movie theatres and bowling. Basically get as many students involved as possible. The more people the more fun it is” Thorne replied. Ambrose then responded saying “I am excited to do what we have done this year and make SGA less than just people up in the office hosting events and senate things that no one else knows about. It will be great to make it relevant for students so they can come up to SGA office and make the SGA accessible”.

Lastly, I asked what both of them were most looking forward to. Both came to the same conclusion that they were “excited for freshman orientation and have fun with it”. Both were anticipating the next year coming up and ready to see what it has in store with new students coming and also returning students.

I don’t know about you, but I am excited to see what these two leaders have to bring for us next school year. Right now, the best possible thing we can do is pray for them that God uses them and the SGA executive council in a mighty way for next year.