Finding God in our Friendships

There are many ways God reaches down to us and teaches us how much He loves His children, but one of the best examples he shows is through his friendship with us and our friendships with others. What makes it evident is based on experience. God showed His love for me is through the love that few of my friends had that I had not experienced truly until that day when I went to go snowboarding for the first time.

It was on a Saturday and we had a few friends that went skiing and snowboarding up in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. This was for sure my first time snowboarding and it was a scary experience. I was practicing in the bunny slope so I could get better at it until my group of friends pushed me to come up with them to the bigger hill. I did not want to go up there because I feared that I would be seriously injured. I did not want to come out with an injury and still have to possibly drive my car because I was one of the drivers at the trip.

They convinced me to go up the first time and it was a scary experience. There were a few times I would wipeout and struggled to get back up due to how steep the hill was and my board would automatically want to slide down before I could get to standing up fully. My friends helped keep my snowboard in place until I was ready so I could stand up straight again.

After the first time going down, I really did not want to go again. My two friends, once again, convinced me to go up and try again for a second time. This time, when I went down, I had a whole different experience. I probably fell down more than I did the first time. I was scared as can be and even though I was continuously falling, my friends would continue to help me get up and stayed with me on my way down. They never went ahead of me or left me there to do it myself. They were always helping me and never pushed me to go if I really did not want to go. They knew I could do it even though I doubted myself.

After going down the second time, I was hit with emotion and had tears running down from my eyes. It was not because I was hurt nor from me being upset. It was an unexplainable emotion of joy. The realization that two friends of mine went far and beyond to help me and were by my side the whole way was what really got to me. Reason why is because I never had anyone do that for me and they showed the great love that Christ calls us to give to others. It reminds me of John 15:13 which state this: “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” This is a verse I always have a passion to live by for the friends that I have. I got a complete new concept of it after all I experienced over the weekend snowboarding.

This is also in relation to how God’s love is for us. Jesus calls us his friends and went as far as dying for us on a cross. The verse before verse thirteen tells us to “love one another as I have loved you.” If Christ loved us that much, laying His life down for us, we should be just as able to do the same for our friends and fellow believers in Christ. I pray and hope this testimony and devotion speaks thorough many who read it. It was the greatest experience in my life and not only did it make my friendship with them stronger, it also made me stronger in my relationship with God.