William Lane Craig Argues for Christian Faith

On February 1st, world renowned Christian theologian and philosopher William Lane Craig debated atheist philosopher Alexander Rosenberg of Duke University on the topic “Is Faith in God Reasonable?” at Purdue University. Members from the Toccoa Falls College Philosophy Club and the apologetics group of Ratio Christi spent much of their Friday night watching the nearly three hour long debate together then discussed the presentations and rebuttals made by the debaters about the origins of the universe, the resurrection of Jesus, and many other important topics. Altogether there were approximately twenty-five students watching what I consider to be one of the most interesting debates I’ve ever watched on the topic. The formal judges voted 4-2 Craig, students and guests in attendance voted 1,390-303 Craig, and those watching the live stream (like us) voted 734-59 Craig.

Do the results of the debate prove anything? Perhaps. Are debates like this important? The twenty-five in attendance thought so. Does loving God with your mind include thinking about hard issues that make you uncomfortable? I think the answer is definitely a yes. Jen Doll, who attended our streaming of the debate, gives an account of why she thinks Christians should participate in events such as these: “The Craig/Rosenberg debate was important for Christians because Craig showed that the Christian worldview is logical and defensible. It also served to give light on how Christians should act in the face of opposition: humbly defending our position and not trying to force it down a person’s throat simply because he or she disagrees with us.”

The members of the TFC Philosophy Club and Ratio Christi get together and think about pertinent issues related to faith, theology, and society. The Philosophy Club plans discussions and activities related to events such as the Craig/Rosenberg debate, and Ratio Christi meets to discuss and learn how to defend the Christian faith, to show that it is reasonable. The two groups often work together to plan events since many of the themes of the groups merge. If you are interested in belonging to a group(s) that emphasizes the life of the Christian mind, contact myself at jordanbradford@tfc.edu for questions related to The Philosophy Club, or Tom Loghry at thomasloghry@tfc.edu for questions related to Ratio Christi.