“Wreck-it Ralph” Fixes Wary Moviegoers

Walking into “Wreck- it Ralph,” I wondered if a Disney cartoon movie could still be worth my eight dollars. It is not that I am a stickler for money, but I would rather not lose money if it is preventable. I consider myself to be a closet gamer, and when I first heard about this movie, I admittedly was considerably excited. It is not very often that a good cartoon movie comes out.

I was happy with the short movie right before the main one, it was cute and well done much like what I would expect from Disney and Pixar. In the first few minutes of the movie, I became anxious as to if watching this movie was a mistake. At first glance, the movie seemed too much like a “Toy Story” parody. However, I thankfully was proved wrong. The animation is great, and the story line is even better. The characters were developed well, the storyline is clear but not obscenely predictable, and the ending is certainly lovely. At the end of the movie, people in the theater clapped. You read correctly, a diverse crowd of people clapped at a cartoon videogame movie consisting of a standalone plot.
I do not want to spoil the plot, but one theme struck my attention from the very beginning. The driving theme of the movie is this: Can someone be a good guy despite being designed for the exact opposite? At a couple of pivotal points, the bad guy motto is reiterated by Ralph, “I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be then me.” This theme is not a mere childish plot point. It is a deep and considerable matter that each maturing person must come to grips with. Ralph must ask himself who he wants to be and if he is willing to live with the consequences of his dreams. He must find his identity for his own sake, and then he must uncover the identity of others for the sake of the whole arcade. While this is an important theme in the movie, there are still numerous twists and turns which will keep even the harshest of critics guessing and relating with the characters which parallel the present and the videogames which remind us of our past.

Do you appreciate a clean, yet witty movie? Do you want to enjoy your next movie decision? Do you like a good arcade game? Would you like to expand your movie-going experience? Go see this movie. With an 85% fresh rate from www.rottentomatoes.com, you will not be disappointed. It is worth your time and money long after the story is over.


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