Human Desires Over Righteousness

Let us put ourselves in a tough situation. You have to do some reading assignments for one of your classes and after reading them, your professor has a sheet you sign to say you have read what was assigned to you before the due date. Now that makes it all too easy for us to just skip from reading what we are supposed to read and just sign away and say that we read everything that they required us to read. We know we should not sign it and say we did not read it, but part of us really wants that good grade and do not want our grades from slipping and pass the class. So, what do you do? To be honest, the easy answer that I would be compelled to do is sign that I read all that they had assigned me so I can get the good grade instead of being honest. But that is the problem; I was not being honest at all and did not even read on single word on those pages and yet I get a grade I do not deserve.

I used this as an example of how we go about our everyday life as human beings. Not just in how we use our resources do we put ourselves first, but also time and relationships with people. So why do we continue to justify why we want to do certain things when deep down we know God is not wanting us to do so? Psalm 37 speaks really well in how we should live for our Lord. In verse four, in that chapter, it states “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart”. When we desire God first, our desires in this world will not be of our own, but of God which flows out righteousness for He is righteous and holy. Now, that was only one verse from Psalm 37 but I encourage you to read all of Psalm 37. This Psalm really hits home on who God is and how His characteristics can overflow in us when we open our hearts to Him and let His power and love flow in us.

So, next time you are in the situation in any circumstance in life where you are tempted to do one thing over the other, think and pray really hard; even in the smallest of things. Many of your life choices make a difference for God’s kingdom and God calls us to be holy for He is holy.