Costume Tag? You’re It!

The fun and festivities have drawn to a close as fall festivities wind down.  Of the many activities held by TFC’s SGA, as students and staff participate, an eye-catching event is always Tag Week.  Tag Week has a select number of rules. 1. Ladies, find a guy you like and tag him! 2.  Design his “costume” so he can wear it all week long!  3. Gentlemen, if you’re tagged, be a good sport and wear the outfit! 4. Keep it “Toccoppriate.”  5. Have fun!  Of the many tags, there was a whole crew from Mario; characters and Yoshi, included, Disney characters, animals, TV characters, band members, and themed outfits, among others.

This year, a handful of TFC’s gentlemen were asked a series of questions about Tag Week, and here are their responses:

Who were you tagged by?
Matthew Thorpe responded: Renee Stoute.
Brandon Owen responded: DeAnna Cottingham.
Josh Gailer responded: Cory Buterbaugh.
Travis Jones responded: Andrea Gonzalez.

What/who were you tagged as?
Thorpe: Waluigi.
Owen: Superman.
Gailer: Aladdin.
Jones: A bear.

On which day were you tagged, and how many days did you wear your tag?
Thorpe: Monday. I wore the costume Tuesday-Saturday.
Owen: Monday, three days.
Gailer: Monday, and wore it Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Jones: I wore my tag four of 5 days, because Andrea was sick one day, and not able to paint my face.  However, I went all out for the fall festival, and it was such a great night!

What is ‘tag week’ from a guy’s perspective?
Thorpe: Girls dressing guys up.
Owen: A silly tradition that doesn’t seem to have much purpose.
Gailer: A chance to get to know what girl has a crush on you…
Jones: From this guy’s perspective, tag week is a week to have fun, dress up, and put a smile on your tagger’s face.  It was fun to be painted up as a bear each day, and see the medley of renditions.  I think it was a funny way to entertain that special someone.  I especially enjoyed walking into class and seeing my professor’s faces!

Should there be a tag week, when the guys are allowed to tag the ladies?
Thorpe: No, guys are not creative enough. I would not tag a girl. Haha
Owen: Yes. If a girl tags a guy, she should dress up too.
Gailer: I think that would be great.
Jones: I believe there should be a girl’s tag week to give the guys an opportunity to have the same fun the girls did.  I think it would be very interesting to see what tags the guys would pick.

What are your overall thoughts/comments about Tag Week?
Thorpe: I enjoyed it. I liked the attention I received for it.
Owen: It can be fun, but not always.
Gailer: I think tag week is great, and it would be much better if there was more participation.
Jones: I felt excited to participate in this TFC tradition.  I was excited to see what would happen during the week.

 [Our winner, Gailer, was asked two extra questions, listed below]

How does it feel to be the winner of tag week’s most creative outfit?

I think it’s pretty cool to be the winner of the most creative outfit, I gotta thank Cory and my sister, Allysa Gailer, for being the creative minds though.

Were you expecting to win?

I didn’t really think I would win ‘cause Max Miner had great outfits all week, and all the others were dressed great too, so it was a nice surprise to win.
There you have it!  Tag Week, from a guy’s perspective.  Though they may not all agree, all respondents appear to have had a great time participating in what is known as tradition, here at TFC!  This is not the end of it, however. Give us some feedback from your perspective and thoughts on Tag Week, ladies and gentlemen alike!