Book Review on “Erasing Hell” by Francis Chan

Francis Chan is one of the most famous and favored authors in the Christian circle today. Not only is he a writer; he is also involved with church planting and is currently doing ministry up in San Francisco after leaving the church he started, Cornerstone Church, and worked in for over eighteen years in Simi Valley, CA. His first book, which brought him popularity, Crazy Love was a revolution to Christianity and their lives. He then worked on a second book which gave us a refreshing image of who our God is called Forgotten God. Just recently over a year ago, he and Preston Sprinkle worked together and compiled a book on a very deep theological perspective on Hell.

Erasing Hell is, in my opinion, the best one he has put together. The main reason for that is because this really touches more on what I think is the most importance on the great commission to build disciples and reach the ends of the world preaching in the name of Jesus. Too many days we go on with everyday life like it is normal. But do we truly pay attention and actually focus on the possibility that the person who took your order at a fast food restaurant might not truly know Jesus at all and has not given their lives to Christ is in danger of spending in eternity of full separation from God if they were to die today? This book challenges us to live a radical life for our Savior.

What is also a big plus on this book are the theological studies on Hell. This book was also written and finished after the controversial book Love Wins by Rob Bell came into the bookstores. This had many questioning about their faith and whether it was relevant to follow Christ because many believed in the lies that it does not matter because they would eventually get to heaven anyway. In Erasing Hell though, Chan and Sprinkle touch on all Scripture and the context of the writings and what it actually teaches on Hell and who goes and who does not.

Not only does it touch on who is destined to go based on personal decisions, it also touches on the cultural context during that time the scripture passages were written and helps us to view the whole spectrum of what Hell is without making the assumption on any theological viewpoint. Some things that were presented were the literal view with full fire and brimstone to the symbolic view without the literal fire and burning but still holding on to the view that it will be a place of full separation of God. They do not make full assumption on which theological view is correct in the evangelistic circle but they look at these different views on hell to help us focus that hell is a real place that many on this Earth will go if they do not hear the Gospel and accept Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives.

So, if you want something to really challenge your faith, I challenge and encourage you to check this book out and read it. It is a good read and it will surely help give insight on who we are in Christ and what we are called to do in spreading the Gospel.