WIM Cupcake Fundraiser

On Tuesday, October 9th, the Woman’s Intentional Ministry held a fundraiser for Toccoa Life: a non-profit organization that encourages and mentors women who are dealing, or have dealt, with pregnancy and abortion. At this event, they showed the movie “October Baby”. If you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend that you watch it! It is a very powerful story and I believe you will be moved by it.

While I was walking around examining the many different kinds of homemade cupcakes, I met Morgan Ormsby who was heading up the fundraiser. I talked with her for a few minutes to get a better idea about WIM and this exciting cupcake event. I had never heard of WIM before this night, so I was curious what they did. Ormsby told me that it is here to serve woman and help them through prayer: They spread the love of God through their relationships with the women. “This specific fundraiser” she said, “is serving as a day of remembrance for all the aborted babies.”

I liked what I was hearing, so I continued by asking her why students need to be aware of this issue. She replied that students should understand why they are pro-life. It is unwise to make a claim or hold to a belief, just because other Christians are doing it, if you don’t understand why you are choosing that. Ormsby doesn’t want anyone, male or female, to misunderstand the debate about abortion. There are people hurting as a result of abortion and we need to help them.

By this point, I was telling myself that I should be friends with this lady: she is awesome! I charged ahead with two final questions. I asked her why the movie “October Baby” was being shown at this event. What was it’s significance? Ormsby explained to me that it is the story of a girl who goes on a search for her birth mother. What makes it so applicable to the WIM event, is the fact that she was a failed abortion. Her mother tried to end this girl’s life when she was just a baby, but thanks be to God that it was unsuccessful. It is an incredible story of forgiveness, and is definitely a movie I would want to own. Before we parted ways, I asked Ormsby where the proceeds from that night went. She responded by saying the money went to Toccoa Life which does a lot of the same things that WIM does.

I thanked Ormsby for her time and, looking at my watch, realized that I still had a few minutes. I scanned the crowd and found an enthusiastic participant in the event: Carma Rowlett. I briskly walked over to her and asked two quick questions. First, I asked her why she believed it was important to support this cause. Her reply was great. She said, “It is important to understand that just because we are at TFC, it doesn’t mean we are part of the community. Students need to recognize the need everywhere around them and be prepared to act in times of need.” When I asked her if she was going to spread the word about WIM, she replied with an energetic “Absolutely!” and said she wished that more people could be there that night.

As I gathered up my things to leave, I noticed all the different cupcakes. They looked so good that I quickly bought one of each flavor because I couldn’t decide on one kind! I am glad I did, though, because that money is going to be used to help women through some of their most difficult times.

If you would like to know more about this ministry, just talk to Ormsby. She will be more than happy to explain it to you. You can also talk to Erica Patton: She is a hardcore WIM fan. She supports it passionately and wants everyone else to do the same. Even if you don’t get actively involved in this ministry, spread the word: you may end up helping a woman down the road who had no hope until she heard about WIM. You may even plant a seed of God’s love that will, hopefully, one day sprout into a relationship with Him.  I am looking forward to seeing you at the next WIM event: I hope to see you there supporting it wholeheartedly.