TFC Trustees Pay Annual Visit to Campus

When the cafeteria food begins looking more gourmet, you notice everyone stepping up their routines and looking top notch and think, “Who are they trying to impress? “   Then you catch glimpse of all the men in the fancy suits and ties, the women in dresses…  You, fellow TFC family, are looking at the trustees of TFC!  You know, those faithful stewards who work alongside Dr. Bob Myers to make our college experience phenomenal!  I had the pleasure of a small glimpse into the interaction of this group of servants, whom many people seem to just pass by without a second thought or glance.  I also had the privilege of speaking with a few of them, and getting to know them on a more personal level.  Four basic questions were posed; 1. Who are you? /What does it mean to be a trustee? 2. Why have you chosen to invest in TFC? 3. How long have you been involved? and 4. What are your goals/intentions as a trustee?  Hearing the stories these following three men told, it is hard to separate the questions and write specific answers, so with those in mind, here is what Dr. Smith, Charles Moseley, and Floyd Wheeler had to say:

Smith stated, “Being a trustee means leading alongside the president and his vice president for the purpose of accomplishing the vision and purposes of TFC.  I am an alumni, the product of this school.  My character was formed here.  My faith was shaped here.  I want to give back!  Also, my son attends here, and I want to invest so that he can experience what I experienced. I have been on the board for approximately three years now.”

Moseley said, “My wife wanted to finish her college degree so,” through a roundabout way, “we came to TFC and she went to school.”  On a side note, Moseley states, “She’s almost 60!”  Carrying on, “Being around the school, you get to be around the things you love.  Our purpose is to help any way we can.”  He adds in, “I spent a lot of time on TV and radio, and I am proud of my wife, but I believe in TFC, the professors, and staff; they are all aiming at one purpose:  to build a better education facility to tell people about Jesus (because I don’t think we have as much time as some people do)!”

Wheeler said, “Being a trustee gives me the opportunity to be more involved with the lives of students and purpose of school, our purpose, and to look at administrative working of the college to see how that can better mirror the Scriptures upon which we’re based; a Christian college whose core is the Word of God.  Being on the board helps to look at who we are, what we do, and to keep the college moving in that direction.  I feel in love with the students at TFC.  I began to engage with them about becoming short term missionaries and doing interns around the country- being a trustee keeps me involved with students.  I have recruited for six years and am in my second term, so roughly eight or nine years it’s been that I’ve been involved now.”

These are only a few of the many stories that these wise men and women have to offer, and they are among the most genuine, compassionate people I have ever met.  I would encourage every member of TFC to interact with these sweet folks as you see them sporadically around campus.  Make them feel welcomed- they are as much a part of our family as any of us.  Get to know them and hear their stories- they’d love to do the same with you.