President Myers Inaugurated

Not everything went perfectly at President Myer’s inauguration last Thursday night. Men fell on the stage, speakers didn’t show up, and the hair of anyone who took the podium was temporarily dyed blue and green by the lights. But students who chose two chapel credits over catching the exciting Vice Presidential debate that night were pleasantly surprised. The TFC choir gave magnificent performances throughout the night and speakers cracked wise and joked to ease the seriousness of the event.

On the first day of classes, Dr. Bob Myers received a warm welcome from the red shirt wearing student body as a parody of/homage to a photo of the Myers’ family in all matching outfits. Since then, Dr. Myers has shown his support for the school by cheering on the Eagles at sporting events and giving an encouraging word to almost every student he came in contact with. Senior Michael Laffey said, “I think as a leader he’s been very transparent and open, and that has positively impacted my view of him.”

On the night of the inauguration, after reminding students of Dr. Myers’ history in law enforcement by referring to him as a “G.I. Joe,” Student Government President Alex Merritt said that of all the changes he had seen in the past three years at TFC, the inauguration was a celebration of “the best change of them all.” “The president never ceases to impress me,” said Senior Sarah Sharpe. Senior Jaclyn Oliveras remarked that she appreciates how much Dr. Myers invests in the students. “It really shows his character and that he truly cares about this college and wants it to be successful.”

Deciding on TFC’s new president was not a quick and easy task, but President of the Board of Trustees John Allen assured those in attendance that Dr. Myers was chosen “with much prayer and much diligence.” After narrowing the search down from at least sixty applicants to only five candidates, Allen admitted that Dr. Myers was not his number one choice. But he asked to hear Dr. Myers’ interview again and the trustees took a vote. It was unanimously Dr. Myers. Interestingly enough, the President’s Cabinet also took a separate vote. Again, it was unanimous. If there was one theme that kept coming up in the speeches and greetings during the inauguration, it was that God called Dr. Myers to this position.

At the end of the event, President Myers took the podium to the deliver the Inaugural Address. The theme of his address was “Life Story,” and he began by humbly acknowledging the remarkable people in his life: his wife, children, parents, and remarkably, his in-laws; his first grad school professor; and finally one of his last managers in his law enforcement career. President Myers’ humility shone through as he went on to address the life story of the school and giving his vision for the future. He included in his speech the four cornerstones that define Christian character: Scripture, absolute truth, wisdom, and service. All of these could be found at what Dr. Myers says is “this place we call home, Toccoa Falls College.”

And we, as students looking around the chapel that night, are reminded that the ones who call Toccoa Falls College home are us. We are reminded that we are not small, but we are the reason Toccoa Falls College exists. We are reminded that President Myers took this calling not for himself. His purpose is the young adults who walk this campus, attend classes, and worry about grades, relationships, and when chicken patty Tuesday will finally roll around. But there are professors, administrators, staff members, and presidents who have been called for the purpose of students. For that, we appreciate the self-sacrifice and obedience of those who have answered God’s call in this time of their lives to consider our education important. So let’s partner with President Myers in glorifying God through our school.