TFC Celebrates Homecoming

Mid-October is my favorite time of year. The air is cool and crisp (I can break out my sweaters,) the leaves begin to change, and alumni from many years past, and all over the world flock back to Toccoa Falls College to celebrate this place that was once their home. I’m always thankful to encounter alumni and get the chance to talk with them about their experience here, and I think it is hugely important that we as a campus hear their stories and learn from them. And every year, woven through all of the sentimentality of coming back, we love to have a good time.

The first of the major events that took place during homecoming weekend was the infamous basketball game between the current players and alumni. Lois Delaney Gymnatorium is packed with everyone from professors and their children to current and former students, to the parents of athletes, all coming to see the kick off (so to speak) of basketball season (to see the stats about the game, feel free to read Blaide Shafer’s article on homecoming sports).

Following the game was the homecoming ceremony during which the queen is crowned. Quiet whispers flood through the auditorium as the girls make their grand entrance. One professor’s daughter whispered with delight that “the princesses were coming!” Each girl was very admirable and perhaps worthy of the title of queen, but the crown went to senior representative Julia Lindsey. Former homecoming queen Miranda Cooper proudly gushed “Congratulations to Julia the queen! All of the ladies looked absolutely stunning and their hearts are just as beautiful. I just love all of them!” After the ceremony, the crowd migrated toward Earl Field, where a big white tent housed an ice cream social, hosted by many of our beloved faculty and staff members.

Saturday morning began with the homecoming parade, which featured an array of well crafted floats. Most all the clubs and associations were represented, from the pre-med majors to the artists. President Bob Myers and his family rode in the parade in style, making the slow drive around the campus in a white convertible. Another fantastic moment was the appearance of the homecoming queen and king from fifty years ago.

Saturday afternoon consisted of the duck race, another momentous occasion during the weekend. The Talon’s own Cheyenne Capin’s duck came in first place. Also going on in the afternoon was the grand opening of the museum located across the way from Gate Cottage. What an awesome place, so full of stories from those who have paved the way for us. If you get the chance to visit the museum, please do.

In addition to this, there were many sporting events covered by staff writer Blaide Shafer.

One of the most important parts of this life journey we’re on is to acknowledge where we have been and those that have gone before us. As many have said, it is undeniable that God has his hand on TFC, and that his presence here is evident. Our history is rich with blessings, and I am honored to be part of it. As a senior, my prayer for the underclassmen is that they would recognize what a gift it is to be here, and the impact that their presence here not only has on the college now, but will eventually have on the world. As our founder, Dr. Forrest once said, “the sun never sets on the graduates of Toccoa Falls College.”