A New Season of Faculty

Seasons of life come and go and changes are always taking place.  Sometimes for the better and sometimes it’s difficult to make happen.  Recently at TFC we have had very many changes taking place.  While there are many exciting, fortunate changes, there have also been a handful of difficult decisions to make.  Last week, eight of our treasured family members at TFC were laid off.  Dr. Robert Myers assures, “Layoffs are difficult for everyone involved, but to assure a healthy, vibrant college we must have a balanced budget. We now have just that…a balanced operating budget. We did not eliminate any full time teaching positions or academic programs.”  As unpleasant as it is to have this happen, one of our beloved professors has said, “I went to a luncheon the other day with all who were laid off, and they have nothing but attitudes of faith and trust!”  God is working in their lives and bringing them through this difficult time, and we are keeping them all in our prayers as well.  Though they will be missed, we are back on track with the college budget, and this is a blessing.

Our biggest change is with Dr. Steven Woodworth.  Woodworth is TFC’s new Director of Spiritual Formation.  He oversees programs on campus that facilitate the spiritual development of staff, faculty and students.  The Talon had the opportunity to sit down with Woodworth and discuss his vision for the college and how he plans to serve.  When asked what his basic foundation for TFC’s future, Woodworth answered, “To watch the community of TFC love God increasingly with their whole life, and to love the community around them as they do themselves.”  His vision, he says, is to “spread the word about what God is doing here in North Georgia, and help TFC to be regionally known for its service to the local community and the world.” Woodworth hopes to make that vision a reality through “preaching the gospel, introducing our community to people who are already shaping the world, and helping students to own their faith authentically.” What can we as the Toccoa Falls community do to affect this vision? Woodworth asks that we would “participate and give helpful advice about what is going well and what needs improvement. Pray for revival here.”

One other member of TFC campus we welcome is Faith Champion in the Office of Spiritual Formation.  Champion is the Director of Service and Outreach.  The Talon had the pleasure of interviewing her as well, and was given to following information: Faith Champion, though new to the Office of Service and Outreach, is not a new face at Toccoa Falls College. She is a longtime member of the TFC community; a child living on campus with her family in the 80’s, a student and graduate in the 90’s, and an employee of TFC from 2007-2011. With an undergraduate degree in counseling and a MA in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College, Champion brings a background in missions, experience in social work and counseling, and an understanding of the Toccoa Falls College student to the Office of Service and Outreach. She believes that as members of the body of Christ, the students at Toccoa Falls College each have a role to play in sharing the love of Christ in meaningful and practical ways. Champion is very excited to see how the Office of Service and Outreach helps accomplish that task in Toccoa, GA and the surrounding areas. In her free time, she can be found hiking in the beautiful forests of Northeast Georgia, driving on a back road searching for adventure, working out at the local YMCA, spending time with her wonderful family and friends or cooking at home. She is thrilled to be back at TFC this 2012/2013 school year.

We are looking forward to the new changes on campus and praying our Daddy will use them all for the Glory of He and His Kingdom, and ask that you join us in prayer for this year’s staff and faculty as they face new challenges, alongside of our student body, in the upcoming days.