A New Flock

Every August at Toccoa Falls College, a new group of freshmen move in, make friends, and love Jesus right in our midst. Some stand out as leaders while others just want to turn in their spiritual formation journals in on time. This year, TFC has been graced with the largest freshman class since 2007.  While each freshman has a story to tell and an opinion of his / her first month at school, three freshmen in particular form the basis of this article: Susannah Bloomer, Michelle Stephenson, and Daniel Snow.

All three are true freshmen. Bloomer is an early childhood education major, while Snow and Stephenson are performance majors with specialties in guitar and piano. All three are truly different people, but agree on many parts of TFC culture. When asked what their favorite part of TFC is, Bloomer and Snow both agree the professors have been friendly, helpful, and caring and knowledgeable, and Stephenson has become acclimated to the music culture here. Freshman orientation week is a vital part of integrating freshmen into TFC culture. From tours of the campus, to the multiple daily Wal-Mart runs, the week often feels like camp for all students who take part in it. Every TFC student can remember one part of that week which they will never forget. SGA provided numerous activities for the freshmen during the week. From scavenger hunts, to hiking trips, and even a few games were played for fun. For these three, SGA’s showing of “The Avengers” was a highlight as well as playing ultimate Frisbee with their soon to be classmates. Since freshman orientation week, SGA has provided the student body with events on a weekly basis. While “The Avengers” has still been a memorable event for all who attended, Stephenson considers the luau as her favorite SGA activity. The waterslide provided was not just a spectacle to behold, but an adventure to be experienced by all who attended the event.

After all the orientation procedures are finished and classes have been in session for a month, the freshmen have settled into life as a TFC student. While syllabus shock may still keep people up at night, and the fear of missing classes inspires early rising, life still goes on. Assessments are taken, graded, and then returned to the fresh faced students under the watchful eye of upperclassmen. While the easy part of college is over, each student emphatically spoke of their favorite memory thus far at TFC. For Bloomer, making new friends has framed her experience here. Stephenson emphatically answered that she truly loves everything about college here. Snow spoke of being able to worship God under the stars. In one way or another, these experiences are relatable for each person who has every gone to college. The freedom to live life combined with love for God and his people have shaped the new student’s first month here.

What does all this mean for the rest of campus? One word comes to mind: legacy. We have been given the opportunity to shape the college experience of others who we see on a daily basis. While the seniors of last year who shaped and formed our experiences have left, we are still here. God is still working on campus, and the evidence can be seen in not just the small matters of campus life, but the larger aspects as well. From SGA, to chapel, to faculty, and even friendships, there is a place for every student to learn more about the body of Christ from one another. It is time for a new generation of students to shape the direction of TFC. With new faces and dedicated lives, the class of 2016 is a sight to behold and be proud of.

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About Tiffany Rowlett

Who I am I am a current freshman at Toccoa Falls College with a major in Secondary English Education and a minor in counseling psychology. I am a twin to one of the coolest people in the world- my sister Carma. I am also a daughter to an amazing lady of God by the name of Dorothy Statzer, and have a great brother as well. I am from Okeechobee, Florida, and am a pretty rugged individual because of it. Anything to do with water sounds like a good time to me. But, overall, I would rather learn more about you any day of the week rather than talk about myself; however, that would make for an unsatisfactory bio section. Stuff I Love I absolutely adore so many things and people that the list would take much too long to read, but here is a shot at a summary. I love watching ice hockey and especially if I am watching it with my friends in a rink. I love the people around me. I do not do so very faithfully, I dare say, but I do care deeply for my friends and family at the end of the day. I love creation and am such a goober for a Florida sunset, and a Georgia sunrise. I dream about Carolina backroads and Virginia hills. Life has never been the same since I saw the leaves change, and lived a full year of seasons. Beauty is not just confined to the Dirty South, but we have the best sweet tea so that evens out what it does lack in stylistic elements. I absolutely am falling in love with my savior, Jesus Christ. I love dirty Christianity. It’s like playing in the mud with your best friend during a thunderstorm- you are not too sure if you will make it back to safety the same or even alive, but you are truly living regardless of the inherent danger and irresponsibility that lurks nearby. I love the fact that I do not have to have all the right answers or even many answers at all. Even more so, I love that God is with me while I do ask questions that wilt the dreams of the ignorant, and fertilize the hope in the hurting. Falling is love is the messiest thing a person can do. In the end, life is as simple and complicated as falling in love at a coffee shop. If I didn’t know Him, I’d rather not know. If I couldn’t have Him, I’d rather be alone. Why I’m Here I’m here to learn more about and challenge myself, to learn more about who God wants me to be, and to find truth- not just memorize it. I’m also here because Toccoa has a Zaxby’s, and TFC, according to its founder, is a tree God planted (I can dig a good tree). I’m like a crazy mix of Flannery O’Connor and Donald Miller. I want to change the world, and I want to do it really quietly.