Gospel Fest 2012: Giving Worth to the King

Gospel Fest 2012 was a worship experience to remember. On April 21st, over 200 people gathered to worship God through various means. From singing, to interpretive dance, the night was filled with praise even after the service was over.

Variety does not even begin to describe the evening. People drove from hours away with the longest driving time being five hours to attend. People with incredibly different backgrounds sat next to each other. Both professors and students sang the same songs, and sat next to each other that night. Even community members joined the TFC choir to sing praise. The crowd truly resembled the family of God

The night began with an abundance of different performances. To begin the night, the Redefining Artistic Worth club quite impressively interpretive danced. Shane Alzden then rapped for the glory of his Savior. The night continued with Zikerion Davis, merely a child, singing for a supportive crowd. When he was nervous, the crowd cheered him on, and he undeniably received the largest applause of the night. After him, our very own Angelica Little used American Sign Language to translate a song. The Mt. Zion Baptist church choir worshiped through tribal music, and old hymns. The TFC choir then took the stage to lead corporate worship. The choir also consisted of members from Mt. Zion. Using contemporary music, the choir rambunctiously yet sincerely sang their hearts out. Sophomore Taylor Clegg emphatically stated that this was her favorite part of the night. I would have to agree as well. Most of the songs were not very well known to me but that did hinder any part of worship, and the variety of music was truly appreciated.

After the time of praise and worship, Pastor White from Mt. Zion spoke to the crowd. His sermon was specifically about living a life of worship. He began with a strong definition of worship by taking apart the root words associated with it then using their definition as a platform for the rest of his sermon. Using passages such as Isaiah 6 and Revelation 22, Pastor White emphatically stated that our lives should be centered around giving ourselves to God and His kingdom. White also used his testimony and numerous examples like that of Abraham and Isaac to support his point. He ended his homily with an alter call then an encouragement to the attendees to live for God’s glory and not our own.

The night was truly one to remember. If you were unable to attend because of the other events that occurred that night, you should certainly consider attending the next Gospel Fest. Tom Walker, the director of the event, was thoroughly pleased with the events and turnout of the night. He was most pleased with the authenticity of the people who attended, and the praise that was given to God despite different backgrounds and denominations.  An even bigger event is planned for next semester, and Mr. Walker is looking for more volunteers to participate. If you are interested in participating next year, joining the RAW club or talking with Tom Walker are great places to start. I hope to see you at the next Gospel Fest, I know I will be going!

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