A New Age: The Digital Age

Whenever word got out that David Crowder *Band was, pardon the pun, disbanding, the music scene was undeniably shaken. Unless you lived under a rock, you would at least have heard of the band in the past twelve years since its beginning. Even on secular Pandora stations, their songs are played. After their last CD as a band, Give Us Rest or (a requiem mass in c [the happiest of all keys]), was published this year, the question was posed, “What’s next?” This question was asked by both the listeners of their music and the band members themselves.

The answer for the band members turns out to be quite simple- continue making music. In basically every interview about the parting of the band, it is stated that this was not a new or forced idea for them. They had a goal set for six CDs and did not feel like God was calling them to make more than that as DC*B.  The “B” in DC*B got together and decided to continue the band and call it, The Digital Age. This new band seeks to find artistic worth in all things, and embrace how information is now processed. In a parting interview with Christianity Today about the new CD and end of the band, David Crowder revealed just how different making music has become, “What’s weird about this record is that about 85 percent of it was done with all of us in separate locations.” According to him, the only songs recorded with all of the band present were the bluegrass songs, and they were the first ones recorded. The rest of the process was done in separate locations by different members of the bad and production team. You may wonder what the relevance of this information about the assembling of the CD. It shows clearly that we truly are in a completely different age when it comes to making music. Entire CDs can be sent across the world without any carbon copy, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating new sounds and musical patterns. The Digital Age members seek to harness this new reality.

The question of “What’s next?” still lingers in the air for the fans of DC*B music. Both David Crowder and The Digital Age will make music for some time to come. I do not know what Crowder will be doing individually, but he has expressed much interest in still creating music for the Church. The Digital Age is working on an album, and there are two songs already online for free. One is a new song named, “All the Poor and Powerless”. Their website is http://thedigitalagemusic.com/main/, and they have a twitter account. These guys are making great music so far, and it is always a plus to be ahead of the trend nowadays. So, why are you still reading this? Go look at these guys for yourself!

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