7th Time’s the Charm

The president search is finally over! In these past few weeks, both students and the supporters of the college have been able to meet our new president, Dr. Robert Myers. The search has lasted much of the school year, and taken hours of collaboration then even longer to pray for direction from God.

Numerous people were used as part of the decision making process.  Among these people were teacher representatives Dr. Kieran Clements, and Mrs. Gina Bailey. Both were part of the core group in the search committee. Each had challenges and expectations in the search. Dr. Clements found that the hardest part for him was to consider all the qualifications and information of the applicants. Mrs. Bailey admitted that the hardest part for her was to keep the process a secret, especially to her husband. Even more challenges came with the search, and the responsibility was enormous on each member of the team. Lane Arnold, the student body representative, felt the pressure as well. According to Lane, “It was as though the vote of nearly 800 students was on my shoulders.” Despite all of the representative having different challenges and opinions of what they found important in a president, God led the final vote for Dr. Myers to be a unanimous agreement. After the long months of searching, praying, and waiting, the representatives agree that they would certainly help with the search again. However, they emphatically stated that another search should not be necessary for at least a decade!

Last Friday, April 27th, Dr. Myers spoke in a special introductory chapel. In it, the student body realized, we have a “ninja cop” for the new president. We were impressed by his resume and inspired by his words. He challenged the attenders to change Toccoa Falls College from being “the best kept secret in Christian colleges” to being at the forefront of Christian education. He also informed the attenders of his current hopes to develop the college educationally. He wishes to incorporate a nursing program and post graduate education. He admitted that there are not set plans to incorporate his dreams for the college, but he clearly indicated that glorifying God will be the primary focus in implementing all of these aspirations for the college.

There is so much more to learn about Dr. Myers than anyone would expect. If you would like to know more about the new president of our wonderful campus, you are in luck. The TFC website has a general article about him (http://www.tfc.edu/archives/8223).Tech-savvy may be a good way to describe him, but his passion for life must be experienced by more than second-hand information. If you would like to learn more about him from a firsthand perspective and missed the chapel that he spoke in, the following links are great for just that purpose. Dr. Myers has a blog (http://robertmmyers.wordpress.com/) a twitter (@robertmmyers), and a Facebook.

It has been a long process with a huge reward. Nearly every person that I asked regarding having him as our new president agreed that we have full confidence in his abilities and leadership thus far. He will start work officially on August 1, but until then, the general feeling can best be summed up from Lane Arnold, “We got our man.”

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