Prospective Students Welcomed with Excitement and Above Average Food

Here at Toccoa Falls College, we held our annual campus preview weekend on March 22nd through the 24th for prospective students to come onto campus and get a glimpse of our college life here. With about 160 prospects, the dorms and classrooms were filled with new faces getting to know how we cope with the stress of maintaining schoolwork (chapter summaries), jobs, and social lives. Almost all freshmen girls had a previewer and many guys in Forrest had previewers as well. They attended classes, ate in the cafeteria, and probably went to Walmart and/or Taco Bell if they got bored or hungry. Student volunteers led the previewers through many activities. The weekend was full of games, entertainment by the comedian Dennis Swanberg, and chapels led by our very own Phil Howard. Needless to say, they received the full TFC experience while here.

I was able to talk to Jessie Kate Brewer, a junior who worked closely with the previewers, about the weekend. In response to how she felt the weekend had gone and what the demeanor of the previewers had been, she answered that it had been a success and that overall, those who had attended were “hyped-up excited” about the things going on on campus, and that many were planning on becoming freshmen in the Fall. I also asked her whether or not she believed that having regular campus previews increases the likelihood that the attending prospective students will enroll here at TFC, to which she emphatically answered yes, herself being a past campus previewer. After seeing all the events and activities for the previewers, it made me wish that I had attended a preview here.

I was also able to interview Tiffany Rowlett, who was able to participate in the weekend more than I. The following is her experience of campus preview in her words: “I had two previewers and they were both busy with pretty diverse happenings. They enjoyed the community here the most. The crazy student led stuff was the most memorable for them. Our shenanigans in the café with the freeze, the open-mic night, and the Fant dorm events were just some of the things they attended. “The freeze” was led by Mike Laffey and the café was packed full of students to show the prospects how fun we are even at otherwise mundane parts of the day. The open-mic night was open to both students and prospects to show off singing and entertaining skills. There was so much business at the coffee shop that they ran out of supplies for some drinks and the line was out of the door for about an hour. Most dorms had events those two nights. Fant had movie nights where there were free snacks provided by the residents of the dorm. There were also game nights held in the gym and the student center. Free food was rampant and delicious as well. Overall, there was not a dull moment for the previewers and the current students. It was a busy weekend, but well worth it to show the prospects how amazing this campus and the people truly are.”

As far as I can tell, those who attended our campus preview weekend enjoyed it.  I believe that our campus as a whole, both faculty and students, made a Christ-like impression that will stick with the prospective students. It was great to see the entire student body working to make the weekend enjoyable for possible future students. If you were not able to volunteer to help out or attend some of the events, there will always be future opportunities!
Jordan Bradford
Staff Writer