Operation Servanthood Gives Town Shiny New Look

Storming downtown Toccoa on Saturday, March 31, 2012, around sixty students came together to participate in a community ministry project known as Operation Servanthood between 1 and 4pm.  Splitting the town into thirds and acquiring three teams of students, each team had a leader and went to their noted destination.

From Sosbees to the Hallmark store to Cups and Cones, a total of 31 store fronts had their windows washed and dried, giving the store a whole new outlook — or maybe a new “in-look.”  Multiple stores not only had the outside of their windows cleaned, but also the inside, aiding in the creation of a brighter atmosphere.  Not only did these students have the opportunity to be of service and interact with workers, but to be a light in Toccoa, branching out from campus and reaching in to the community.  Each store received a box of cookies and a card as an extra token of TFC’s appreciation for the opportunity to serve through this activity.  The workers were very appreciative, and many of them said their days were made when students showed up with buckets and rags outside of their stores with chipper faces, ready to get down to business.

Alongside the three teams in town washing windows, a fourth smaller team was build and accompanied by Mrs. Debbie Moore to the Boys and Girls Club and Shirley’s Soul-Food.  The Boys and Girls Club had their basement cleaned and leftover items from there were donated to the local clothes closet for those others in need.  They also received a live art chalkboard wall.  Black chalkboard paint was layered on the wall, and upon drying, it was decorated and the kids now have the ability to draw and erase any chalk picture they would like.  Shirley’s Soul-Food also received window cleaning, along with a few practical items and a time of ministry to the homeless through this wiling group of students.

All the teams met at Cups and Cones afterward to enjoy ice cream, and since they are a non-profit fundraiser for Open Arms, Open Arms received a donation through the teams’ purchases, and also received practical items from their wish list, allowing their clinic to be run more effectively.  To bring it all to a close, the soup kitchen received cleaning aid and as a result of both community projects and those who purchased Operation Servanthood t-shirts, which sold out much quicker than expected, a donation of $500.  This was a blessing to participants, our campus, and the community.  A thank you is extended to all those who participated.