Four-Square Madness

The junior class of Toccoa Falls College held a four-square tournament for students to compete and watch this past Thursday, Mar. 29, from 10:30 P.M. to 1 A.M.

The tournament consisted of six rounds; the first four rounds were played in round-robin format, which each round consisted of four simultaneous four-square games. Each round was 15 minutes, and each four-square game consisted of six to eight competitors. After the four rounds, the competitors would have had the chance to go against all their opponents to gain a high enough score to quality for the fifth round.

Junior Allyn Griffith, a coordinator of the event, said, “Competitors could only gain points if two conditions are met: they are in the king square and during their reign, one of the other three persons in the game got out.”

Only the eighteen highest scoring competitors were allowed to play during the fifth round. The fifth round had three simultaneous four-square games, and competitors were playing to gain one of the six spot for the championship round.

The top six competitors for the championship round were freshmen Dustin Martin, Maddy Moody, Gabe Moraga, Matt Sanders and Caroline Wilson; Senior Willis Norman was the sixth competitor. Each competitor became king at least once and gained points from their reign; however, Martin was the victor with 43 points.

“I don’t know why they called it four-square…I spent most of the time in one,” Martin said.

Students enjoyed being at the event because it was free admissions with concessions available. Students were also able to stay past curfew during this event.