Toccoa Critters: Easter Comic

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About Will Bontrager

I am William Bontrager. Who I am: I am a synthesis of many random things. I was in and out of the army, in and out of a Philly art school, and now I am surrounded by home schooled eighteen year olds that run from me because I have facial hair and speak in a deep voice. Stuff I love: I have Amish cousins and some lyrical ability in which I perform sometimes for a drooling audience. My favorite writers are Dostoevsky (and that is not just being pretentious, I actually have read his work), and comic books with Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Richard Simmons. On the serious side, I am here at Toccoa because I experienced a remarkable small fellowship when I was deployed near the Syrian Border, and when I got out, I longed for that fellowship again. Being somewhat artistic, and knowing that I wanted to meet fellow Christians, and witnessing other Christian schools giving me the run around, it landed me at Toccoa Falls College. I love to draw, write, rap, skateboard, and spend time thinking about life to the soothing sounds of Kenny G. Why I'm Here: If any single ladies would like to complain about my writings then I may pencil you in. I love the Lord, but I do not make a show of it. Your life should reflect it inwardly before you talk of it outwardly. It has been rough here, but God is amazing, works miracles, and his mercies are massive. Thanks.