A New Round of Student Housing Changes

As the 2011-2012 school year comes to an end, new head housing options are available for the next year. Next school year, new changes are being made to the student houses as new resident directors, resident assistants, and housing layouts differ from previous years.

In the past, there has been a divide between the terraces and the undergrad dormitories; however, next year, the terraces and undergrad dormitories are working together to create a better and interactive community for all students on campus. “The reason for this change is because we want to integrate both the upper and lowerclassmen,“ Audrey DeShields, one of the RDs said. “In the past, there has been a separation. We want to change that.”

Both the men’s and women’s housing would have one RD and one assistant resident director who are in charge of all the RAs of their branch. Rob Worsley would be the RD of all the men’s housing, including Forest and the terraces–Damron, Prentice, and Reeder–while senior Saylo Lor is the assistant resident director.

Women’s housing would consist of two branches–Fant and LeTourneau. Cathy Doan is the RD who is in charge of the LeTourneau branch, which consists of Letourneau and the terraces; Powell, Houston, and McDuffie. Senior Shelby Hornsby is the assistant resident director of the LeTourneau branch. For the Fant branch, DeShields is the RD of Fant and the terraces; Bell, Roose, and Pinecrest. Senior Leah Brennan will be the assistant resident director.

The RA’s have been selected as well. RA’s were selected by the RD’s. Each RA have to exemplify excellence in the areas of responsibility, leadership, servant hood and a mature level of spirituality. Each are as followed:

Men’s Housing
RD: Rob Worsley
RD assistant: Saylo Lor

Building: Forrest
2A: Colin Winslette
3A: Bradley Tucker
2B: Micah Ellington
3B: Josh Gailer
1C: Johnny Miller
2C: Mario Twyman
3C: Gabe Martin

Building: Damron & Prentice
RA: Marcus Dunson

Building: Reeder
RA: Kris Castro

Women’s Housing
LeTourneau Branch
RD: Cathy Doan
RD assistant: Leah Brennan

Building: LeTourneau
1: Christine Diskin
2: Jenna Tucker & Esther Perisho
3. Kahri Halbersma & Tabitha Butler

Building: Powell
RA: Hailey Oby

Building: Houston
RA: Kelsey Hardin

Building: McDuffie
RA: Stephanie Brant

Fant Branch
RD: Audrey DeShields
RD assistant: Leah Brennan

Building: Fant
1: Kim Crapse
2: Mai Vang & Brittney Ruiz
3. Hannah Lee & Moriah Johnson

Building: Bell
RA: Taylor Clegg

Building: Roose
RA: Lauren Holland

Building: Pinecrest
RA: Linh Vi

All that is left to prep for the upcoming student housing is the selection of the spiritual leader coordinators.  The SLC would be hand-picked by the RAs. SLC are held accountable for helping students grow in their spiritual walk by holding devotions and giving encouragements.