SGA 101: Part 1 of 2 Vice President

What they’re doing:
What was the main reason that inspired you to run for SGA executive?
Emily:I love the position of VP (working with the Senate to get ideas flowing from the student body!), and as a member of Executive Council now, I love the atmosphere of it and experience I pick up!

T: As a leader of SGA, what are your goals for the upcoming year?
E:Creating a family-like environment for the SGA Executive Council is very important to me – the more comfortable we are with each other, the more fun and productivity will happen! Also, like we said in the campaign, leadership development. I am very inspired from the freshman class’s energy, and we’d really love to harness that into some really passionate campus leaders.

T: Any fears about the upcoming year on SGA?
E: Mostly just excitement! There are definitely areas on which I am trying to improve before next fall, the usual college student struggles: time management and maintaining relationships. More specifically, continued communication between SGA, the administration, and the whole of the student body.

T: Any social event ideas already being planned for next year?
E:Nothing specific, but the current Executive Council is working on getting a dancing proposal approved. That endeavor is for an event next month, but we’re working hard to see more next year!

T: What goals do you have for the spiritual emphasis of the student body?
E: I love the spiritual emphasis organizations we already have on campus: Spiritual Formation, the Prayer Team, Breaking Free, just to name a few. As another branch of Student Development, we’d like to work mainly with Spiritual Formation; Amy and her team certainly have a wealth of knowledge and we’d love to learn!

T: What direction would you like to see the student body move concerning chapel?
E:We’d love to get some really innovative chapel speakers, but that means creativity on our part too (who to contact, budgeting, etc.). We’re excited to brainstorm with our soon-to-be-decided Council!

T: As a head of executive SGA, what advice would you have for underclassmen looking to be involved in SGA throughout their collegiate career?
E: Coming to events is certainly the easiest way! However, if they are looking for more defined leadership positions, class councils are great training.

T: What is life like as an SGA member?
E:Life is full! We get to work with all facets of campus and represent the students. It’s a lot of responsibility, but we are all committed and love it!

Who they are:
T: Hometown and Major?
E: Marietta, GA
Interpersonal and Public Communications major


T: Reason why you are at TFC?
E: My grandma told me about it! Haha But really, it’s the community that got me here – there’s nowhere else on earth like TFC.


T: Most embarrassing TFC moment willing to admit for an article in the Talon?
E: Last year, I fell up the stairs walking back from the library in the dark. The worst part was that a senior tried to console me by saying he always does the same thing – such a lie.

T: Best TFC memory?
E:Oh man, that’s a hard question! Living in Letourneau, you will get your share of awesome memories: 80s party, crazy late night pranks, getting in trouble with Cathy… But I’d have to say going on all those outdoor adventures I never got to experience living in the city! Going on hikes, traversing the side of Curahee, or jumping off a 40-foot cliff!

And winning VP, of course.

T: Favorite Aramark food?
E: The chocolate chip cookies!

T: Favorite Professor?
E: It sounds cheesy, but I love the comm professors! It’s never a drag going to those classes. (Even Western Thought and Culture with Wanner)

T: Favorite hobby?
E:  I’ve always loved photography, and I love just being outside on a pretty day with my friends, hiking or hammocking!

T: Favorite Sport?
E: Soccer. Watching or playing!

T: Favorite book or author?
E:  I’m one of those crazy Harry Potter nerds. Hardcore.

T: Favorite type of music or singer?
E: Lately, I’ve been listening to Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club, but also Ingrid Michelson. My taste is a little everywhere!

T: If you had 2,000 dollars and had to spend it in a 24-hour period, what would you use it for?
E: It’d be fun to try to spend it all at a thrift store, so I’d try to find the biggest ones around! But first I’d buy a killer Junior/Senior dress.

T: Any advice you have for underclassmen or incoming students?
E: Get involved with something you are passionate about and don’t let haters get in your way!