One Year Later: Remembering Jonathan Pound

One year ago today, our campus experienced the loss of one of our most beloved friends, Jonathan Pound. It was a time of grief for the loss, and celebration of the life which impacted so many of us. A year later, we are still healing, but we are also hopeful for our future: a future that is brighter because of the light that Pound shone on our campus and in our world.

“Jonathan Pound was a man who was not afraid to push limits, spoke what he thought, and in return left us with a testimony of when you ar truely faced with death, Christ is all that matters.”  — Beth Wyrick

“His life reflected one that we all should live, of service and taking every chance to live life to the fullest potential – he didn’t leave with a GPA, but a lasting impression that has effected countless lives of the students on this campus” — Kyle Atkins

“He was a man of convictions and questions. He valued the truth more than any man I had ever met. And he found it at the end. Love is the reason for life. He will be remembered for his love.” — Matt Howe

“Jon, was real, he was out there with his thoughts, nothing left out or censored. [He said] ‘I’m sick or Christians and their entertainment, I’m not here to entertain you.'” — Jeremiah McDuffie

“He was someone that live life to the fullest and you could see it in his life, he challenge the people around him and just love meeting people.” — Lue Her

“I met Jon in my World Literature course. After the first session, Jon asked me if we could meet to discuss how he might enhance his writing skills. I will never forget his enthusiasm as he shared with me how he wanted to use writing to develop his views of philosophy, art, and faith. He had a true interdisciplinary mind! He was a young man capable of great depth of thought, and I always appreciated his authentic quest to grow in God’s grace and knowledge.” — Prof. Alisa Thomas