In a Similar Fashion: An End to the TFC Men’s & Women’s Basketball Season

(Photo courtesy of TFC on Flickr)

The TFC basketball seasons for both the men and women come to an end during the NCCAA tournament the weekend of February 23-25. Both teams followed similar steps by winning against Piedmont International University in the first round and losing to Clearwater Christian College their next round.

Before the tournament started, men’s basketball coach Lance Martin had said, “We are the bottom seed in the tournament so we will have a very tough time winning the tournament.”

Captain John Sinclair, followed, “I feel that we will do pretty well because we’ve shown that we can compete with the teams in our region, and if we play well as a team, I have confidence we can win the tournament.”

TFC played PIU (74-63) on Feb. 23, in which they were only up by 3 points during half time. By the start of the second half, they widened the gap in their lead to earn a win, advancing them to the next round. Freshmen Josh Barrett and Derek Westfall were the lead scorers.

That following Saturday on Feb. 25, TFC played and lost to CCC (73-58). This game was a back-and-forth point battle between TFC and CCC. Early in the first half, CCC had taken the lead; however, TFC came back with a one-point lead at the half. During the second half though, CCC came out strong, taking their lead back and kept it until the end of the game. Barrett and Westfall were also the lead scorers of that game.

The Lady Eagles’s games were also similar to TFC. They beat the PIU ladies (70-60) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Friday, Feb. 24. After falling behind 39-30 in the first half, the Lady Eagles pulled things around during the second half to win the game. Sophomores Rebecca Weatherbee and Callie Moore were the lead scorers.

The Lady Eagles lost to the CCC ladies the next day (72-48). Like the TFC men, the Lady Eagles stayed close behind their opponent in the first half (41-30), but could not manage to stay with their opponents in the second half. Freshmen Katie Calloway was the lead scorer with 12 points.

Although both the Men and Women did not win, they put up good fights against both of their opponents during the tournament. As the tournament ends and this season closes, TFC basketball only hopes to gain more opportunities in the future to soar like eagles and rise above others on the court.