Toccoa Falls College: Name Game?

A few Wednesdays back, on January 25th, 2012, Dr. Bellefeuille announced in chapel that the board was hoping to embrace the non-usage of coining TFC as a ‘Bible College.’  Without too much explanation, this may have stirred you up.  Hearing that this would be for the benefit of the school, and particularly those outside of TFC, you may have been thinking; ‘Why are we changing for someone else? What does this have to do with us? Is this Biblical?  Is it worldly? etc.’  After having spoken with Dr. Bellefeuille in further detail on the matter, we are aiming to clear all miscommunication of what exactly this means.

Bellefeuille started with the explanation that it was forty years ago that TFC board members were under the impression that Toccoa Falls would not have ‘Bible school’ in its name.  At one point, TFC was to be called Toccoa Falls Institute, but forty years ago it was decided to stick to just ‘college,’ and we became Toccoa Falls College.  It has remained that way since.

Recently, however, “word has been spreading through the community; when hearing about Toccoa Falls College, many people have the automatic response of ‘the Bible college.’”  Bellefeuille continued on to say that though “we are very proud of our ministry programs, we are not limited to strictly those alone.  TFC also offers education, business, and science programs, along with others.  So while we are not embarrassed by being known as ‘the Bible college,’ and our roots have been and will continue to be Biblically planted, we would like to be recognized as a college that offers more opportunities.”

Wrapping it up, Bellefeuille concluded that the Bible is still being used to define Toccoa Falls College, and “we are not changing anything about the college itself; all of the same programs and activities will be offered on campus- but we would like to not be narrowed by the definition of the typical Bible college,” only offering ministry opportunities, so we are asked to not use the label of a ‘Bible college’ as our only defining feature.  In this way, we hope to handle the confusion of the coining phrase and what TFC is truly about.