Reaching Out, World! – World Outreach Conference

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10, the students of Toccoa Falls College have always gathered inside Grace Chapel to fellowship, worship, and praise the Lord. Last week (Jan. 30 – Feb. 1) in particular was special since it was the annual World Outreach Conference.This year’s World Outreach Conference carried the theme of “Why in the World, in which it challenged students to not isolate themselves from the world, but to see why God has called Christians to be in and apart of this world. This conference consisted of six chapel services total, one day of prayer, and one international fair.

The six chapel services were lead by Rev. David N. Lauffer, who was the Assistant Vice-President of International Ministries for the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in 2007. He helped provide strategic and administrative insights over many regions in Africa, the Mid-east, Europe and Asia. He also was a missionary in Israel for 16 years.

In each individual service, Lauffer focused on a certain aspect of evangelism, being that the general message that he gave out to the students was the significance and the relevance of doing mission works in all parts of the world. He also made many references to his experiences in his past mission work in Israel to accurately prove the fact that doing mission work is absolutely important and a part of expanding God’s kingdom.

The day of prayer was on Tuesday. Many students took this time out of class to meditate on God’s words and talk to Him; general activities include taking prayer walks, praying with one another in the prayer tent located outside of Earl Hall, praying with professors, and praising God together in one voice.

At the end of this prayer day, the students had the opportunity to enjoy an annual socializing event of the World Outreach Conference — the International Fair, located in the gym. This cultural fair consisted of a taste of every continent. From the Philippians to Africa to China and back to the America, this fair brought a mixture of all cultures to Toccoa Falls. There was food, gifts, games, fellowshipping and special performances for everyone to enjoy.

Dr. Jonathan Penland, the Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies and Anthropology, said, “I felt the conference was a good attempt at exciting the campus and our community for global evangelization motivating people to participate in cross-cultural ministry opportunities through an increasing understanding of what God is doing in the world today. That is the conference purpose statement. We plan the conference based on this purpose and evaluate the conference based on it. I would personally give WOC 2012 an 8.5 on a 10 point scale.”