David Crowder Band Headlines Final Tour


On Thursday, November 3, I had the pleasure of going to see an all star lineup of artists including Chris August (pictured above,) John Mark McMillan, and The Michael Gungor Band, that came together to participate in David Crowder Band’s 7 Tour after an enormously successful  eleven year run in the Christian music industry. The concert was hosted on the beautiful campus of Furman University, located just an hour and a half away in Greenville, South Carolina.

John Mark McMillan opened the show with songs from his new album “Economy,” along with some familiar favorites from his previous album “The Medicine,” including “Death in His Grave,” “Skeleton Bones,” and “Murdered Son.” These albums and more are available for purchase on McMillan’s website, thejohnmark.com, and on iTunes.

Chris August is an up and coming Christian artist who, incidentally, was formerly part of Ashlee Simpson’s band. His wit and stage presence are just two of the reasons why August is so much fun to see in concert.  August performed with just his guitar and a spotlight, making for an intimate of worship and conversation with those standing at the front of the stage. To credit his fun and approachable personality, before the doors even opened for the concert, he and Mike Dodson (bassist for David Crowder Band) hung out outside in the rain with fans and spent time taking pictures, signing autographs, and relating to fans with genuine spirit and interest. And not being with a full band took absolutely nothing away from his performance. August has an incredibly soulful voice, but don’t take my word for it. You can find his music on iTunes, including his new album, “Not Far Away,” which comes out on November 21, available for pre-order.

Michael Gungor, his beautiful wife, Lisa, and a beat boxing cellist performed an acoustic set which included “Beautiful Things,” “The Earth is Yours,” and “Song for My Family.”  No one was more excited to see Gungor perform than the Dominican exchange student behind me, who, several times, exclaimed gleefully things like “Its Michael Gungor! Its Lisa Gungor! We’re seeing GUNGOR!” What makes seeing the Gungor’s performances especially interesting is the variety of instruments they play, such as the xylophone, and glockenspiel. If you get a chance to see them live, GO! You will certainly not be disappointed.

Finally, David Crowder and his Band graced the stage and played eleven years of hits for this, their final tour. Over the years, they have produced eight albums, including their newest release, “Church Music.” The band says this of the tour on their website: “Now, another reason we are sure this will be one of the most meaningful tours we’ve ever been on is because it will be our last as a band. This is why we so cleverly named it The 7 Tour. We’ve always hidden this little number here and there in our music and artwork, sometimes it would appear in the sum of the numerals 3 and 4, and other times it would be sitting there outright, but it’s always been with us. As you know, the number 7 has often been used to represent completion, and that feels exactly where we are as a band.”

The One Organization also made an appearance at the concert. One, founded by Bono (that’s right, Bono) was organized to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease, specifically on the continent of Africa. To show your support, you can visit one.org and click on “act now” to sign the petition to ask Congress to fund their operation “Feed the Future.” It’s free and easy, and only requires your name, email, zip code and country. The movement is endorsed by celebrities like George Clooney, Jessica Alba. For more information on the cool things they are doing, visit their website.


Hettrick, Duka, and All-Star Cast Present “Peter Pan & Wendy.”

(Photo Courtesy of Martha Vang)

November 11, 12, 13 were busy days for some of our classmates, who worked hard in the weeks leading up to present the play “Peter Pan & Wendy.” The show was directed by senior Jared Hettrick and junior Meg Duka, and starred Lauren Bentley, Melody McPherson, Gabriel Moraga, Aaron Council, and Chance Rigdon (just to name a few) along with a pit band which included students Cheryl Gaughn, Matt Donnelly, Amanda Jackson, and Craig Salmon.

“Jared is a great composer, and conductor. It was an honor to play music that he composed. The cast really meshed well together and had a ton of fun,” Salmon says. Salmon also tweeted throughout Saturday and Sunday’s shows, giving funny commentary and backstage information about everything from costumes to the hilarious script.

“All children, except one, grow up. This fall, neither did we. We learned to embrace our long abandoned childhood and rediscovered the joy of youth, playtime, and innocence,” Hettrick says of the show and its cast.

Stay tuned, the TFC Drama Club isn’t done yet! Coming next spring is “Arsenic and Old Lace.” For more information, you can visit the drama club’s website: tfcdramaclub.com!

November 2011: The Talon…IT’S ALIVE!!! (AGAIN)

Seeing is believing?  Oh, ye of little faith!  Content coming soon.

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