Ten little soldier boys went out to dine…

Ten little soldier boys went out to dine; One choked his little self, and then there were nine…

The weekend guests at Soldier Island arrived and started to settle in right when a dark, thundering voice coming from a gramophone in another room lists the horrendous offences of each guest and hints at their looming fate.

Each was dumbfounded as to where the voice came from and who sent them to the island. The story got even more interesting when the characters discover there’s no way off the mysterious island. The performance was a non-stop thrill as each character was murdered in the exact pattern of the nursery rhyme Ten Little Soldier Boys.

The audience was biting their nails at the last scene as Vera Claythorne, played by Naomi Ramsay, stood alone on stage– the last one alive.

Gasps across the whole auditorium could be heard as Judge Laurence Wargrave (Travis Graham), whom everyone thought was dead, walked across the stage coolley in his silk robe carelessly swinging a noose in his hand.

“Silence in the court!… I can’t spoil my lovely rhyme. My ten little soldier boys. You’re the last one. One little soldier boy left all alone. He went and hanged himself and then there were none. I must have my hanging—my hanging–.”

Just then Vera’s love interest Phillip Lombard (Anthony Moore), who turned out to be merely wounded, gets up and kills the mad judge and ends the weekend nightmare once and for all.

Don’t miss the Drama Club’s next bone-chilling performance next Friday at the first Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. Time and location are to be announced.