Students Offended by Lack of Propriety

As much of the student body already knows, the 2009-2010 yearbooks have made their way to our lovely fall campus and the general overview of the student population is one of general dislike. ” They’re terrible,” one sophmore said, “they’ve left out the hall of 3C men!”

Among the numerous complaints from the student body, one evolves the lack of underclassmen pictures within the yearbook. Less than half of students are represented. Another complaint is that the school’s golf team was omitted. However, the biggest objection heard throughout campus was the lack of recognition of students who were in the yearbook, especially two drama players in a photograph. Both were labeled as “unknown,” when clearly their names are Mike Kowalski and Philip Himbrook.

Most of the students on campus are outraged at the lack of quality that clearly went into the design and detail work of the yearbook. One junior said, “they suck, part of our tuition money went to paying for those?”

It’s comments like these from many of the students on campus that beg the questions: what were the editors of the yearbook doing last year and will next year’s be better?